Is there a way to restrict read/write access to certain folders?


With many apps needing / wanting read / write permissions, can I set the phone so some folders are only accessible by an app that I set and no other?


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Unfortunately not: [FEATURE PROPOSAL] Restrict File Access for Apps

Both thinking the same, strange this hasn´t been implemented long before now. Glad you have requested this. I have been trying different apps to Lock / encrypt Folder / Files, but havent found ones that work, that have a good work flow.

Until this is implemented, I have found an app that does encrypt and is easy to use, (set up shortcuts to the folders).

ES File Explorer

I would advise backing up any files/folders to your computer that you are thinking of encrypting, just in case something goes wrong.

You end up with two folders, your original and the encrypted, but obviously you will want to delete the original from your phone.

It needs a few improvements, but it works well and secures your sensitive files/folders.

I think it is worth reading the WikiPedia entry for this app[1], which includes the following satemet:

In June 2020, the Government of India banned ES File Explorer along with 58 other Chinese origin apps citing data and privacy issues.[30][31]

Also read some of the negative reviews on Google’s Play Store [2].

I would not install this app on any of my devices.

F-Droid lists APG [3] which may do what you want

APG is a port of OpenPGP for Android. Use it to encrypt and decrypt files, and
in conjunction with K-9 Mail, to seamlessly add support for encrypting and
decrypting emails, as well as adding and verifying digital signatures.



I think all is OK security wise, as I have set app to have no web access. The other benefit of no web access, is no adverts (the main complaint on the play store).

I have tried a few file encrypters, (some of which generated files that could be opened quite normally, ie not encrypted), and others that didn’t have a good work flow.

In lieu of ES File Explorer, what about this one from F-Droid…

Secure File Manager Beta (File manager for keeping your files in safe) -

It implies that it’s best on an unrooted device.

There’s also this one…

DroidFS (Store & access your files securely) -

Supposedly Amaze file manager can also do encryption. Amaze is more up to date using the IzzyOnDroid repo.

Amaze - IzzyOnDroid F-Droid Repository - Amaze - IzzyOnDroid F-Droid Repository

@Confused , you didn’t say which tools you’ve tried before so excuse if some of these were already tried.
I don’t do encryption so I don’t have any comments on them.

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Thank you marcdw for your suggestions.

I had previously tried droidfs, but not the others. I gave them a go, but for me ES File Explorer is better.

It’s only flaws I can find are-

  • I can’t find how to change global password

  • Once a standard method (defined app) of opening a file app is set, you don’t get the option to put the password in, when you try to open the document in another app, so it won’t open as its protected.