Is there no "recommended devices" list? Will there ever be?



Hello all,

I’m pseudo-new here … I was a follower and supporter of the eelo effort, pretty much from Day 1, but I mostly lost track of the project shortly after the name change (my T-shirt still says eelo on it … ). Just in the past few days I’ve started revisiting the project (updated my email settings to the new server … hey look! I have my own NextCloud share! Nice. … etc).

I want to buy a phone, preferably a cheap one, specifically to put /e/ on it. Being able to install and run /e/, quickly and easily, with minimal hiccups – this is my top priority in choosing which phone I will buy. And I cannot find any resources here indicating which phones are better-supported, better-tested, easier-to-unlock (I’m looking at you, Xiaomi), etc.

I have owned a OnePlus One, and barring any other input, I will probably end up with a OnePlus 3 or 3T … because they are cheap enough (used), have all of the other features I want in a phone, and are on the “supported devices” list.

But if we don’t already have one, we should have some kind of “recommended, works-best-on-these-devices” short list.


… Addendum: What’s the status on that Q1 2019 plan to start selling post-market phones preloaded with /e/? 'Cuz, y’know, sign me up if it’s soon.


Hi, welcome in our forum :slight_smile:

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Hi Anonyme,

Just to be clear, you’re serious? not sarcasm?

I still get regular email updates from the original Kickstarter, which generally include links to new newsletter posts … same diff?



I was serious.

I can’t be sure but if you receive emails with some news from /e/ and links to new articles at then yes I suppose you’re already in the newsletter :slight_smile:


Very very nice idea @rainbird!! I would totally love a list like this.
I support this list idea.



Bam! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about. I just registered for a Galaxy S7 Edge, with /e/ preloaded.

Danke, y gracias. The Future is gonna be awesome.

ETA: We totally should start calling these things ePhones (provided that wouldn’t lead to new copyright headaches).


There are different categories of support for the various devices: official, community etc. But that’s currently very difficult to find out as far as I can tell; there’s no single page on the wiki that gives this breakdown and lists the devices.