Is XprivacyLua useful with /e/?


I have rooted my phone for 3 things:

  • backup and all caches cleanup (TitaniumBackup)
  • apps easy “data access” management (XprivacyLua)
  • apps connection access (AFWall+)

The 2 last ones are for apps privacy management.
I don’t use AFWall+ for network protection but only to be sure that connection access is cut off for apps which don’t need network access.

I don’t like to root my phone for security reasons, so I was wondering if /e/ is enough to keep my data private from external most known apps ?

Is it enough to replace TitaniumBackup by a /e/ cloud backup ?
Could I use the apps authorisations granularity from "Developer options → Memory → Apps auth fine tune) to replace XprivacyLua+AFWall to manage apps data ?

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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I don’t like rooting the phones too. I’m using TrackerControl for blocking trackers. It needs no root. And you can disable web access complete for each app you want.
I do’t know XprivacyLua and I don’t know what it is really doing. But I think with a good TrackerBlocker and FOSS apps, you will have good privacy. If you are not surfing on unsecure web pages, everything will be fine.

EDIT: The XprivacyLua is for Android 6 and above. I think in the meantime there are a lot of restrictions implemented in android which will restrict app to get access to your data.

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I have to agree with @harvey186 on this one. I have/had Xprivacy and XprivacyLua on various ROMs. The need for it is much less on a ROM like /e/OS with FOSS apps (or any similarly configured custom ROM) than on a GApps-based setup with data grabbing apps and mainstream social media stuff.

With recent versions of TrackerControl it can act as a tracker blocker as well as an internet access tool, you could do away with AFWall+ since outgoing traffic is your main concern.

Besides, XPL requires Xposed/EdXposed which may or may not be something you want added just for one module.


thanks for taking time to answer :slight_smile:

Could you use another VPN when needed ?

All Tracker blocker without root are using a VPN to control the internet connections. Android allows only one VPN at a time. So you have to decide, Tracker Blocker or external VPN

Here a german Article about external VPN. You can translate it with

So, no app trackers blocked when using another VPN.
Not a real problem but good to know.

Does it protect an app from reading the clipboard (like XprivacyLua does) ?
Sorry for asking so many question but I want to know how far I’m from my already configured system to be able to choose between root or noroot :slight_smile:

No …


To finish, is it possible to backup “apps+data” to Nextcloud ?

for backing app ‘apps data’ you will need root (like for Titanium). So : No. But you can backup all your data / apps / system via TWRP and save it in NC or PC or externalSD

So, I’m going to try TrackerControl to block apps trackers and TWRP for backup.
Probably, Shelter as a sandboxed zone for nosy apps (apparently, doesn’t need root).

Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

That’s the right way :smiley:

Users mostly recommend NetGuard as non root firewall.

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TrackerControl is the better Netguard. Give it a try.

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XPrivacyLua works flawlessly, at least on my Nougat. And personally, I can say that this is the most comprehensive solution for those who need to use software from Play Store. Just remember to check the status of Xposed after each OTA update.

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Within Firefox (and only there) you can install the EFF extension Privacy Badger, which will detect and cancel trackers on the fly. It is one reason I send them some money every year…

That’s nice but for no misunderstandings: It’s only blocking trackers of web pages. So it will have around 10% privacy with it. The most spying tackers are on apps. So this will only be an enhancement of a global app tacker blocker.

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I didn’t see it this way -I must admit I have quite few apps, all coming through F-Droid that I trust.
OTOH, I’m a bit surprised that one wants both having /e/ for privacy, and at the same time running proprietary, tracking apps all the time. That sounds a bit funny to me -but I do agree, in this case Privacy Badger is of no use.

not eOS is using proprietary, tracking apps. The users are installing and running them. If you are using only FOSS apps, you won’t need am Tracker blocker. But I don’t know any user which is really able to run only FOSS apps.

In my opinion uBlock Origin is the more versatile Add-on in Firefox and Fennec F-Droid (the F-Droid version of Firefox ESR) than Privacy Badger. But it must be configured. At least a little.

I was answering to the specific question about trackers. uBlock blocks ads, and of course I have it installed. Privacy Badger detects tracking from one site to another, which, at least at the origin of uBlock was not at all the purpose of Adblock.
I don’t feel uBlock detects tracking, at least its interface doesn’t show them as clearly, and ‘adjustably’ as in Privacy Badger…