Issue of synchronization working on Only Office

Hello everyone,

I encounter an issue with synchronizing the documents I am working on, on my laptop.
At a certain point, the document stops saving the changes I make.
The save button will not work anymore. And if I try to reload the page. I have a warning message from the browser saying “Reload site? Changes may not be saved.”.
If I do reload the page, I lose all the changes made from the moment the document stopped syncing.
I tried with Brave, Firefox and Opera. The problem is the same.

Would you know a way to fix that?
Or maybe, a manual technic to force the document to sync when I see that it has stopped doing it?

I suspect that it occurs when there are micro internet disconnections. I think the document loses the link with the cloud and does not manage to reconnect properly. But that is just my feeling.
It occurs with documents and spreadsheets.


on my laptop

do the desktop packages offer an advantage for saving state than onlyoffice in the browser? the desktop package should be able to sync.

force the document to sync

a user opened a thread at Lost or missing spreadsheeet data and filed a bug at for a spreadsheet sync issue, but it’s a different issue to your “save” issue.

You might as well write to, as they were looking out for user experience and explanations where saving state was an issue.


Thanks for your answer. Unfortunatelly, on Ubuntu, the Desktop app has some issues.
I will write to if the problem occurs again.

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