Issue with easy installer on teracube

So I figured I would try installing e/os on a persons android who asked to de-google it. I figured it wouldn’t be that hard but to much avail I been having troubles.

While using the easy installer, it recognizes the phone, I put it in dev mode, and switched everything it asks for.

The phone even is fount when in fast boot.

So easy installer goes through everything, and downloads the last ear ROM. Then it just sits at 1.16g/1.16gig. I even let it run over night and just hangs up there.

I pretty much attempted making sure there is a ADP install, even installed the SDK from android developer kit to attempt it manually but I guess I am not understanding a few things while doing it manually.

If anyone has a fix for the easy installer or just willing to help a new person out, I would greatly appreciate it.

Have a great morning.

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Hi @Mezmoin and welcome.

Which Teracube Teracube 2e “zirconia” or Teracube 2e “emerald” ?

You might look on your PC for the log Howto troubleshoot issues with the easy-installer and read that or share it here.

Perhaps you could clarify whether you attempted to “help Easy Installer along” manually ? and what happened ?

In many cases where Easy Installer fails, and the user has confidence to use a “manual install method” this can be the best way forward.

This Teracube 2e emerald post may give insight as to why you should be sure to start the manual install from a fully working device.

Just wanted to say: I’m also having this issue. I have the 2020 / Zirconia Teracube 2e. I’ve flashed to stock multiple times following this guide. It should be done downloading and proceed to the next step, but it doesn’t. I’ve tried to manually install as well but with no luck (though I’ll leave that for a different topic).

As above, if you can provide the log perhaps we can see where Easy Installer is failing.

Gotcha covered:

Your logs are detecting a sha256sum mismatch of the downloaded image indicating some problem in the build (or distribution) process. Easy Installer just stops when it detects a mismatch as it is not safe to install a potentially corrupted ROM.

downloadFile(, C:\Users\a7xfa\AppData\Local\easy-installer\sources\Teracube_2e\
ChecksumLine = 8a22e5254bb952534a65185bd9d47016b10c9872f0ed11b50075ccb37bdfbd1d
compare checksum: 6c4181b981bd14cec7ac3b454a79e1aaa5295830061f5ab8ac99c2a364ca59bb vs 8a22e5254bb952534a65185bd9d47016b10c9872f0ed11b50075ccb37bdfbd1d

We have an issue tracker where you can report the issue. Please be sure to read all this link in the case your email address is challenged / rejected as you attempt to sign up.

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There are more devices, with CheckSum errors:

So, good idea to report

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This post seems to indicate a system problem, rather than a image build problem:
but has been closed

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Got it! I appreciate you looking the logs over. I’ve reported the issue here.

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