Installation stuck in recovery mode after easy-installation

Hi there,
I have a new Teracube 2e emerald and I try to install /e/os on it with easy-installer 0.15. The installation itself go well until the reboot, the phone is stuck in recovery mode with this 2 messages

installation ended with status 3
installation aborted

The recovery mode is fully functional but I don’t know what to do now…
Some links or some help ?
Thank you,
PS : I look in the /e/os doc for some information for the recovery mode but I found nothing relevant.

Hi @aio welcome to the /e/ forum.

You could consider picking up the “command line” install instructions from this page if you are happy that the Recovery is ok.

This is a post contains potential solution if you are a Windows user. Teracube stuck in bootloader while flashing easy installer

This is a search from the forum

Thank’s for reply,
I’m almost happy with the recovery mode because when I try to boot in fastboot mode when the phone is off, I’ve only got a black screen, no choice here and when I try to enter in fastboot mode from the e-recovery mode, I’ve got the fastbootd mode and fastboot commands doesn’t works at all.

So, using the recovery-e
wipe the needed partitions

copy the into the phone internal memory

Install it from the recovery menu

Thank you but honestly I don’t understand what to do at all :thinking:
Did you have a link to a doc about the recovery-e mode ?

in the recovery-e, I don’t have any way to enter command except throw adb, I still see the device from my PC:

[aio@xxx eos_R_stable]$ android-adb devices
List of devices attached 
202111T2E002087	recovery


So this is a bit of a blocker, I can see.

As this is a Super partition device, wiping partitions (which may be virtual partitions at this time) probably should only be done with full understanding.

/e/ Recovery does have very limited abilities. We are not told that this device will flash with the adb sideload command – so this should probably be avoided. Unless someone can say that it will be fine. /e/ Recovery will switch to sideload from Apply update.

about the e-recovery mode

I never found such a guide.

In this case (as you don’t seem to have fastboot) I think that I would persevere, at least a little, with the Easy Installer and the potential solution which I linked, perhaps collect the log as well as linked in that post.

Not exactly, but
[HOWTO] an Unified Install Guide Project for /e/ - #4 by piero

Hi everyone,
I finally succeed to install /e/os on teracube 2e emerald, this os is very great. I follow this procedure :

but without unlock the OEM because it’s not needed with the factory android image I download from teracube apparently.

After that, I succeed to install /e/os, it’s great.

On my device, to get MMS to work, I have to create a new APN corresponding to my network provider like this :

  • first, I go to Settings > Network and Internet > Network > Advanced settings > APN
  • then, I create a new APN and I set just the name and the apn type and save immediately (it’s important because the new APN disappear if I set all the fields at one time).
  • After that, on every fields I change, I save immediately whereas the changes have no effect.

For the record, here’s the APN settings to set if you have a SFR network in France :

Name=SFR webphone
Proxy MMS=
APN Type=default,hipri,mms
APN protocol=IPv4
APN roaming protocol*=IPv4
  • “Protocole APN en itinérance” in french.

But I still have a major issue, the GPS does not work very much, apparently it’s because I have to change how I manage my location to “Use my real location” according to :

But I don’t know what to do after this change and for instance, there is no effect to the GPS precision. Perhaps a soft reset ?


It is possible you still have two issues!

I recommend you read Advanced Privacy as if this is referring to “really advanced privacy”. Perhaps it is something to move on to after you master the degoogled, /e/ system.

Now to location spoofing. If you really want Maps to work, you will not want location spoofing. (Even if you learn to use it later on. You can come back to it.)

I recommend within Advanced privacy you select “Real location”. It is possible you will find it takes a little effort to make this setting stick. You may have to turn Advanced privacy on to get the change to save.

Be prepared to Reboot the device and go back and check Fake my location has stayed off, and Advanced privacy has stayed off.

Now to Maps. Maps, being an Android app, sort of expects some “free location aids from Google” which are not going to be available. You have GPS and two internet based backends.

However you may have been using the device a while Maps has been collecting some location information local to you and trying to cross reference this with the spoofed location.

Let’s get rid of Map’s database – it will otherwise take a long time to “undo” these erroneous cross-references, I think.

Please consider, did you already download a local map. If this download went to SD card, Maps > Settings > General > Map storage > Prefer external storage, there is no problem. If you downloaded the map to internal storage, the following method will probably delete it.You would then need to download it again.

Settings > Apps and notifications > See all apps > Magic Earth (aka Maps) > Storage and cache > Clear storage | Clear cache.

Now you can start to “train” Maps again. I recommend, don’t use Maps indoors at all! Take your device outdoors, start Maps, go for a walk, go about your business, try to switch between wifi and mobile data a few times, try to log on to one or two public or other wifi networks and back to mobile data, try to save some local spots (edit, which you actually visit) as favourites within Maps. This way in a few hours the device will start to collect a new database of cross referenced spots to start to triangulate from. There are many posts in the category #gps where this issue has been discussed.I expect Maps to come good within 24 hours, but it has become much harder since Advanced privacy arrived. (My personal view!)

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I had the same problem but after flashing vbmeta ( twrp-3-5-2-root-teracube-2e ) and unplug usb cable and a couple of power+volumeUp and power+volumedown I get a working e phone :wink: