Issue with Enpass

Good afternoon CET :slight_smile:

I owned Enpass on my Windows Mobile (so it also worked on my PC).

I had to own it once again on the Google Store (for my office phone, which is an Android stuff).

I would have liked to install Enpass on my new /e/ device. It installs from “Apps” but does not retrieve my Google’s account to consider I already purchased it.
The I wanted to by it (for the 3rd time !) but I receive an error : “Error while purchasing Enpass. Response code 6”.

I do not know what to do now :frowning:

Many thanks for your help !


You can run apps with inside purchase. That means apps, which you have bought through the apps itself. I’m very sorry, but for that you MUST need the original play services.
And you can’t install them on a googlefree phone like e.

I hope there will be a other app with which you can work also.

I have just seen that’s a password manager. Please have a look on keepass2android. It’s a very nice pw-manger which is available for all OS and you can sync your records via or alot other cloud server.

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Try Bitwarden an excellent open source password manager. It’s available for all operating systems.

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Hi @harvey186, @vernr,

Many thanks for your replies. What is stunning is that Enpass can be downloaded and installed from the “Apps” application. I think it should be removed.

I will take a look at Bitwarden and keepass2android (and others). The only thing I require is that it will run on Windows platform + /e/ OS + synchronize via OneDrive.

Thanks, again, for your advices :slight_smile:



You are not alone with his thoughts. I also can’t understand why apps which does have trackers as hell and sh…it on privacy are in the APPS Store. It’s totally against the philosophy of e.

The reason is users request for these applications. These requested apks then show up on Apps. As mentioned earlier as well, we do not police what apps can and cannot be on Apps. Users have to make the decision if they want to install the app after looking at the list of trackers in them. /e/ is a clean OS what the user wants on top of it is entirely up to the user.

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Sorry @Manoj, but the users could download ‘unfriendly’ apps via aurora. the apps store of e should only show apps which fit’s the e credo

I understand your view point that we should have only clean apks in Apps but somehow I still think it is wrong to tell people what they can and cannot install, but then that is my personal opinion. Users want whatsapp, facebook and other such apps which leak our data.
Maybe if a large number of users feel that we should remove such app then a rethink should be done to clean out Apps of such apps.

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Hi @Manoj, @harvey186,

I agree with you, @Manoj, it is up to the user to install the app he or she wants. The only thing I am disturbing with is that we find apps that will never be able to work, just because they need to access the Play Store layer to unlock this capability [to work properly].
Regarding Enpass, this is not only a question of availability of some features, but the basic ability to work.
What I am concerned with is that I have spent 20+€ in Enpass to get it working on Windows Mobile and Android. This is not an issue for me to pay because I have always requested a paid app instead of a false-free app with ads, and I have always considered that people have the right to earn money for their efforts to produce a good stuff.

The minimum would be to add a 4th indicator, for each app, which indicates the limitation of the application. Do you think this could be possible ?

@harvey186, I am an absolute beginner in the world of non-Windows Mobile OS for smarphones. I will take a look at aurora, I do not know what it is, but I have not forgotten the applications proposed in the earlier answers.

Many thanks for that good exchange :slight_smile:



Aurora is a googlefree frontend for g-play store. With aurora you have access to ALL aps from play store.

But better you will first search in f-droid for open source alternatives. All apps in f-droid are open source (FOSS) and always the better choice as from.other stores.

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Hi @edejaeger you have raised a very important point. Users who have paid app that do not work on /e/ should be warned in advance. Not sure it can be detected through code but then I am not a developer :frowning: Let me take this idea up with the dev team and share their response.
We do have a thread on the forum where users discuss which app to remove from Apps Installer if they are not working.

@edejaeger Here’s a prime example of my own here where I’d purchased an app (Cryptomator) a lwhile ago on goolag play and now while its great the developer will soon now offer licenses to purchase outside of goolag play (probably due to so many people requesting it), I will have to purchase it again sadly.

So maybe contact the devs at Enpass and ask them to support the use of their app without g00gle play services and purchase licenses outside of play store.


I tried with Aurora yesterday (CET), connected with the same Google account than the one I used to own Enpass but, of course, I had the same issue (Error 6), which was logical.

I have installed Bitwarden onto my PC and smartphone. It works well but I could not retrieve some of the features I used often. But it sounds well thought.

But we do not know how they sync the data. Enpass stores a file in MY OneDrive when Bitwarden seems to store them on their own servers. I hope they are ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Have a nice day !


Télécharger Outlook pour Android

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use keepass2android and keepass on PC. You can sync with most cloud storages

Thanks @harvey186. Keepass was said a very good application from the RSSI at my Cie :slight_smile:

It sounds very good too (and developed in .NET).

I am trying this one. The synchronization works well with OneDrive, even if there is a little time to wait compared to Enpass.

Thanks for your shared proposition, @b3pio :slight_smile:



Hi, @harvey186 !

FYI, after several tests, I dropped Bitwarden for KeePass (on Windows) and KeePass DX (for /e/ OS).
KeePass on Windows is built on top of Framework.NET so I know it will work for years and years, even if the application is abandoned one day.
I have also been able to export my data from Enpass and import them into KeePass very easily and quickly.

That is sad but I had to drop Enpass :frowning:
Maybe there is a kind of proxy missing on /e/ OS (and others) to be able to buy apps on the Play Store from alternative Stores and use them on an non-Android system.

Many, so many thanks for your help to all of you, @harvey186, @Manoj, @vernr and @b3pio :slight_smile:



Its a permission built into the app by the developer which does a license check with g00lag play services: ‘ → BILLING’ so it would be the same with any ROM that doesnt have g00lag play services in it.

Hi @b3pio,

Many thanks for this clarification.

I will deal with that ! I have moved to KeePass.