Issues with last OTA update

Any news? Is ist available now?

Both the dev and stable v0.13 builds have been released. Should have come on devices OTA.

Great! So how do I have to proceed? Just normally install the update? Or do I have to do anything differently in order to keep my data after this?

could anyone please help me? I have my FP still in the state it was after I installed the corrupt OTA. Do I now have to do the factory reset and loose all my data or can I somehow safe it? What is the plan? It was originally said to not do the factory reset and wait for further information.

Unfortunately I do not think there is an option other than doing a clean install of the v0.13 build. Take a backup first. the v0.12 had an issue to resolve which you need a clean install. You can also check with other FairPhone users if they also faced this issue.