Jail break restrictions

I note that installation of /e/ requires root access to load the ROM. I have used custom ROMS for a number of years with no issues however lately I note that Banks and other institutions are starting to deny use of their apps if they detect a jail broken phone due to “Security issues”.

How does/is /e/ dealing with this?
It will hurt the ability of /e/ to gain wider acceptance if banking and other such applications are blocked. Newer phones such as the Samsung S9 have a hardware trip which cannot be reset, but I see no warning regarding this on the download page.

You are wrong, eOS DON’T NEED ROOT !!
rooting a device is no good idea. I’m using e since month without root.
I don’t know who was telling you, that root is needed.

EDIT: Regarding banking apps. You will find here in forum informations about working and not working banking apps https://community.e.foundation/search?q=banking%20apps. A lot of Banking apps aren’t working because of missing original goolag play services.

By the way, Jail breaks are on sh…t iOS needed NOT on Android !!!

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How did you determine this? What messages were displayed by your devices?

So far, I’ve switched several different devices to /e/ OS. Not a single installation required “root”.

Hi @Killjoy i have been using /e/OS on my main driver for the last one and a half year. Never rooted my phone and do not plan to do so either.

Also what is this info you want added to the documentation. Pl can you share more details and I can have that added .

I believe @Killjoy is referring to Knox, Samsung’s security thingamajig. Been an issue I think since the S5(?). Haven’t had a Samsung since 2013 (Jelly Bean) so don’t know much about that.

Rooting the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ will trip the KNOX counter. Flashing custom binaries including TWRP, root, or any other sorts of flashable ZIP will void the phone’s official warranty. So make sure that you’re comfortable with the procedure and its consequences beforehand.

And yes, jail break an iPhone, root an Android. :grin: