Just wanted to say thanks for /e/OS

Hi all. New to the forum but have been using /e/OS on a TerraCube 2e (2nd version) since it was released. It’s really quite a wonderful thing to have a practical alternative to iPhones/Google Android and I just wanted to say thank you for all of the hard work. I’ve work in IT for longer than I care to admit and dealing with security/privacy issues gets really overwhelming at times…not having to worry about that on my phone is a huge plus for me.


You right, we need to thanks the whole team for their work. Without some guys like them, we will just have 2 OS for smartphones or computers run by GAFAM.

So thank for your time, thanks for everything and long live to /e/OS :pray:


Indeed, you are right and we have to thank the whole /e/OS team for the job they’ve done and go on doing. The way is still long but you’ll get to the end.

Bravo !


I would like to thank all the /e/OS team for wonderful work as well :pray:


Yes, a big thanks from me too. Great to have another option than just Google Android and iOS.

I think the foundation should better promote that they accept / need donations to fund future development.

Looking forward to version 1.4 (only one behind the latest Android).


Thanks to all the users for their support and appreciation. It is your feedback that helps make our processes better. There is a lot that we need to work on or improve. With your gentle and at times not so gentle :slight_smile: suggestions and comments, I am sure we will eventually get there.


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