The real strength of /e/OS

I switched to /e/OS more than 7 months ago in February 2022. At the beginning I wanted something turnkey with a mail interface, cloud etc… A kind of real alternative to Google and easy to learn. In my approach I wanted to install the OS myself on a refurbished phone (think of the planet :wink: ).

I hesitated for a long time with IodéOS being a French company (a little chauvinism doesn’t hurt ^^) and other like LineageOS, DivestOS, CalyxOS although all these alternatives are good. But I finally opted for /e/OS.

I never met any major problem with the OS (except some installation problems with the easy installer). Everything works great!

But for me, the real strength of /e/OS, and I only learned it later (and what a good surprise), is its community! Damn it, it feels good to see so many people active. Everyone here is ready to help others, is willing to make proposals to improve things, remains critical on this or that point, can interact with the project developers…

I really feel that this community stands out. Of course I’m not so involved in other OS communities (like lineage which has a lot of people) but none of them seems to me as benevolent and constructive as /e/OS.

So here I would like to thank /e/OS of course, I really admire what they are building, but especially all of you to make this forum live !

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


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