K-9 Mail and push

I have installed K-9 Mail from the Apps app store, because it said in the description in would support “IMAP and Push IMAP” (screenshot 1).

According to the online manual, there should be an option “Push folders” in Settings, , Fetching mail, right after Poll folders, but it is not (screenshot 2).

Consequently, mail I send to myself are not push-notified to my phone, I have to manually pop them.

Do I have to enable this feature somewhere (be it in K-9 or outside, like in Settings), or do I have the wrong app?

Hi @nst0022, Mail notifications have been slightly troublesome lately. See this post for discussion about K-9 and push notifications.

At the moment K-9 Version 5.6 (available as an option from F-droid) seems more reliable. It also has missing ‘Push Folders’ category in the account settings.

After insallation the trick is to enable the settings within the respective app stores to prevent K-9 getting updated to the latest version behind your back!

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@chrisrg: Sorry for this late reply, I was locked out of the forum for a day due to a technical glitch.

Thanks for your suggestions.

I tried the version from the F-Droid store (screenshot 1): no push.

I tried the stock Mail app, which should handle push as well: no push.

Then I checked the settings of microG, where I found a “Cloud messaging” option, which contained my messenger (screenshot 2). I do not know, whether a mail app should be in this list as well, at least it does not look like a general error on my system, as I receive push notifications in the messenger perfectly well.

My wild guess is that K-9 has generally a problem with Android 10, which is relatively new on /e/ devices (see the cketti’s reply #6 of 2021-03-27 here).

Anyway, I will just stand by and see what happens :slightly_smiling_face:.

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That might be the best plan. :joy:

In the past I’ve had good results with Fairmail from F-droid but I wasn’t too keen on the UX with it. Also it was getting update notifications almost daily, it seemed like.

As I said earlier, K-9 has been good on my daily Xperia XA2 for quite some time. Recently I’ve also been running it on an Android 11 custom rom (no google services) and it has been missing notifications due to syncing becoming disabled.

I’ve just compared the settings and adjusted the newer phone to be the same as the XA2 and Hey Presto!
Instant notifications…

BTW I also looked in the micro g cloud messaging options following your lead. Only 1 recently installed bank app there. No mail.

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Aha, good to know, no need to observe this in the future :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: