Keep getting messages like /bin/sh: 1: cannot create /tmp/counters/dovecot: Directory nonexistent

Hi all,

I keep getting e-mails on a daily basis to my admin account with the following content:

/bin/sh: 1: cannot create /tmp/counters/dovecot: Directory nonexistent
/bin/sh: 1: cannot create /tmp/counters/postfix: Directory nonexistent

There are always 10 E-Mails with the following directories after “/tmp/counters/”: clamd, dovecot, postfix, cron, cert_watcher, syslogd, freshclam, _parent, unbound, rspamd

Any idea what this could be and how I can get rid of it?


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It’s likely to be from /etc/cron.d/counters cron, in your mailserver Docker container.

Don’t know why this dir is missing, I have it on every self-hosted instance I run.

It can easily be resolved by:
cd /mnt/repo-base
docker-compose exec mailserver bash -c "mkdir /tmp/counters"

Thanks Sylvain, that did the trick!

Better solution: Self-hosted updated to NextCloud 26.0.8! - #10 by smu44 (first part).