Langis (Signal name inverted) for android without Gapps or microG installed

Langis is Signal

Open Sources, Builded with Signal sources for Android system, can works without Gapps installed and without microG installed, released in an additional repository in F-Droid


It’s interesting for those who use gApps I guest because with MicroG, if you check the “ask before registering to GCM” option and refuse the GCM access to Signal, when you open the app, it gives you the choice to use the app without GCM.

Hoping it won’t end like LibreSignal did… I would really like to have a GCM-free Signal

What is the difference between Langis and the original apk from Signal? I thought the latter also worked without Google Play Services / MicroG? :thinking:

(The Signal from the Play Store also works without Gapps)