Langis (Signal name inverted) for android without Gapps or microG installed

Langis is Signal

Open Sources, Builded with Signal sources for Android system, can works without Gapps installed and without microG installed, released in an additional repository in F-Droid


It’s interesting for those who use gApps I guest because with MicroG, if you check the “ask before registering to GCM” option and refuse the GCM access to Signal, when you open the app, it gives you the choice to use the app without GCM.

Hoping it won’t end like LibreSignal did… I would really like to have a GCM-free Signal

What is the difference between Langis and the original apk from Signal? I thought the latter also worked without Google Play Services / MicroG? :thinking:

(The Signal from the Play Store also works without Gapps)

Signal uses Google Play Services to notify devices when new messages are available for you.

This is something not ideal for many reasons among potential privacy threats and the impossibility to use Signal on devices which does not have the Google Play Services enabled or when they are installed but outdated or when user does not want to provide hir Android device a Google account.

As an example, we cannot use regular version of Signal on LineageOS with MicroG. Signal tells us it cannot to connect to the network, …

You’ll get a patched version of Signal which removes Google Play Services support, it allows Signal to work on any Android device you want.

Langis is an unofficial version of Signal and provided without waranty, it is Free Software and we provide you with all the build steps needed to build the APK as we do before giving them to download on that page.

The APKs provided here are signed to allow you to upgrade your Signal App without needing to uninstall previous version

All download links are DEAD, and langis is not found on F-Droid! What is going on? Is Langis now illegal in the european union? :policewoman: :male_detective: :frowning:

I did the install today.

Starting from F-droid settings

to add the “patched-apps” repo
copy the repo link

tap on the plus at the top right

paste the repo link

Then you will see “patched-apps” repo

now search in the store for Langis,

actual version is from August 2021

There is no option “patched-apps” in F-Droid (V1.13 updated today).

And the link to the apk-file is dead.

And when I search for Langis at GitLab it shows: " We couldn’t find any projects matching LANGIS".

I need this app, because Signal is not working with micro-G.

Maybe the project has changed his distribution Platform to github?

Ups, github has been sold to M$, that is no solution. :slight_smile:

Is there any other source where i can download it?

No I can’t add it, because there is no switch called “patched-apps”!

yes, you have to add the repo… and you wil see the

How can i add “the repo”?

Thanks for your help; I’ve now got Langis installed. :slight_smile: :+1:

Now the operating system on my new Android phone (where / e / is installed) crashes immediately when I try to transfer my Signal account to the new phone.

When I try it the second time, the following message was displayed: “Old device is not recognized.”

Both devices are in the same WIFI and the location services are switched on.

The same error occurs when I use the original signal (installed from APK).

Would it be possible that not a single app works with the / e / operating system that uses encryption routines that only work on the closed source Android?

A similar error occurs with Protonmail (see

  1. Start black screen (for ours).
  2. Start Complete Crash (reboot without error message).

It’s not clear to me why one would install Langis on /e/ since the official Signal should work on a LineageOS with MicroG even without providing a google account. If I remember correctly Initially MicroG didn’t work with Signal for me also but the trick in Google Cloud Messaging doesn't seem to work fixed that for me.

A late addition. For Signal users you might also take a look at the fork called Molly.

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Langis web site seems to be down. :frowning:
Does someone have news about Langis ?

If Langis is no more, what is the advantage of Molly over Langis and Signal ?

Thanks for the news.

you can read about Molly and its features on the official website

It was not clear for me, so I tested.
In Molly, there is no possibility to use SMS…
As it is part of what I am looking for, I did not go further.

I really hope that Langis’ unavailability is only temporary.

I had 4 or 6 langis updates since the beginning of 2022

It comes from an aditionnal repo for F-Droid called “patched-apps”

Thanks Piero,

found it and added it to F-Droid. I had an update.

Have a nice day.