Latest GSI Bootloop Issue


I am using a Redmi K30 phone (Xiaomi) with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage. It has Snapdragon 765G chipset and this phone ships with Android 10 by default. It supports project treble A/B and I can boot AOSP GSI ROMs. But with latest GSI build of /e/ OS (Q) I am facing bootloop problem. I have stock firmware installed (which now updated to Android 11) and I have tried to flash /e/ GSI in following method:

1) Fastboot reboot fastboot

in Fastbootd →

2) Fastboot erase system
3) Fastboot flash system system.img
4) Fastboot -w
5) Fastboot reboot

But I can’t boot my phone and it bootlooping at Redmi Logo. /e/ is not booting…

How to fix this issue? or /e/ don’t support phones with over 4GB of RAM?

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Couldn’t quite make out from your post whether you were trying GSI over stock android 10 or 11? If it was 11, it may not work.

I flashed a lot of GSI’s to an Xperia XA2 (android 9) back in January and found the most reliable formula for a successful boot was this:

  • Factory reset and format data in recovery before rebooting bootloader and doing your steps with fastboot above.

  • Boot recovery again and factory reset, boot system. Sometimes I forgot this step and entered a bootloop and powering off, booting recovery for reset would get things going again.

Other times, flashing “permissiver zip” would help. Picked up this info on one of the threads on the forum, not sure where, will look if you need it.

Didn’t always work and some GSI’s I just could not get to boot no matter what.

Did you disable android boot verification?
With vbmeta.img from your original rom:
fastboot --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img

Hi @abhi281 welcome.

I found some unexpected things blocked flashing Xiaomi with V12.0.9.0.

I think you may find you have to erase data (seemed odd to me!)

Although you are working with GSI you might review these (unverified) notes for Redmi 9 lancelot

Bon chance

No, i didn’t do that. i followed this method though:
fastboot flash --disable-verity --disable-verification boot boot.img

I was trying over A11, should I flash A10 firmware first?

Have you got a recovery? Always worth a factory reset from recovery and reboot system before trying other solutions.

But yes, return to stock android 10 and start again may work also. If returning to stock is no trouble for you.