Launcher crashes after unlocking screen on fresh install

I decided to give /e/ a try after having trouble with stock LineageOS. I reflashed my phone back to the latest OOS (9.0.9) and then did a full wipe (everything except internal storage/sdcard) and flashed /e/ via sideload. The install didn’t give any errors and the phone booted fine, but when I enter my unlock pattern once it’s booted, the screen goes black for a second then just goes back to the lock screen. I assumed this means the launcher is crashing.

Anyone else ever had this issue, or got any suggestions on how to solve it?

Hi @kninja is it possible for you to swipe down and get into settings…if yes try to get to App & notifications >> Bliss Launcher >> Storage >> Clear storage + Cache and check if this issue is resolved

Thank you for the quick response, but no it is not possible, I cannot even unlock the phone to get access to the notification bar or settings. As I said, when I enter my unlock pattern after the phone boots the screen goes black for a second then just flicks straight back to the lock screen.

I tried clearing davlik and cache from TWRP but that has not helped either.

…and now reflashing over the top has inexplicably deleted the encryption keys for my internal storage so I’ve just lost all my data. Fantastic.

I’m sorry for you. This does not sound good. And I’m afraid that even if the following might help, it’s possibly already to late…
I had the same symptoms as you describe and the link below helped in my case (removing some files in TWRP file manager):