Launching Extra Storage Subscriptions plans

Launching Extra Storage Subscriptions plans :mega:

Pleased to announce the launch of extended plans for storage on /e/cloud.

Starting with plans offering 64, 128 and 256GB storage space, with monthly or yearly payment.

As paid storage plan is still in beta, it will be limited for now to the 100 first subscribers!

To subscribe to a storage plan, just go to your /e/ account at

In your file settings, locate the button underneath your current storage usage progress bar, and click ‘Increase Storage Size’


On point :ok_hand:t2:
And very affordable!

Nice move guys !

This didn’t work, I’ll pay on /e/'s bank account number FR76 1027 8021 8300 0201 6960 197 to prolongue my 20GB storage. And put my adress in the notification. Thank you.

64 128 256 GB for
5, 8, 13 euro/month; 10months in advance for a year

Seems expensive, when Scaleway only charges
0.01 euro/GB per month, and 0.02 euro/GB per month for outgoing transfers?

and buying a 250GB SSD is less than 50 euros.

and the storage encryption issue is still open.

Don’t forget that:

  • You can self store your /e/ environment at home or on Scalway
  • you are comparing a simple storage service price (scalway) and a complete environment for /e/OS with email service, synchronisation of your agenda, contacts, photos and all stuff on your phone.

It would be great to also have the ‘Increase Storage Size’ link shown in :
underneath the current storage usage progress bar


Cost of operation includes server, hi performance storage (which for us is 0.08€/GB/month), paying sys admins to handle the service and make it secure and reliable, backups, tests, updates etc.

So believe me it’s not expensive.

Regarding storage encryption: all user data is encrypted on the main block storage and in backups too.


Well, I was thinking of biting the bullet and more so to support /e/, but I can’t log in to the purchase page. Of course I’m logging in with the same account as for
Otherwise it seems to want me to create a new account, which I definitely don’t want to do.

Has anybody been able to sign up for this? I can’t. It says my email is invalid. I’ve tried my address, which is what I use for, of course. I also know that when I originally signed up, I had to provide an existing email address, but I never used that for credentials. Anyhow, tried logging on with that one as well and it also said invalid email. I had already started moving files over from GDrive, but am running out of space.

Hi @cavaughan will have someone from the team get in touch with you to check on this.

I try to sign up, several times, but I think it’s failing. All I get is a red bar at the top. No text to tell me what, if anything, went wrong. Item is still in the cart but I hope nothing was charged several times (using VISA card).
Email says an account was created though after first attempt.

Thanks for reporting the issue @marcdw, @cavaughan have passed on to the team to check what the issue is.

@marcdw, @cavaughan The issue with the payments not going through will need to wait till Monday for a resolution. The team members who can help with this are traveling at the moment.
Sorry for the inconvenience. We will plan to handle this better the next time.


FYI, it’s not just payments. I can’t even log in. I decided to try to reset my password, but even in that case it says that my email is not valid. I’m logging in with the same account for ecloud.

Yes, there is still some work to be done on this payment feature. Thank you. I can see my payment the old way arrived and was registered, so the e-foundation has a good administration too.

Would it be possible to get more information on that? I couldn’t find anything about storage encryption when I originally logged the feature request on gitlab. I feel that if the encryption is indeed strong, this is a very marketable feature of /e/ that could make it more attractive to newcomers … “encryption” is one of those buzzwords that create hype right now kinda like “4k”, “AI” and “VR”


OMG, this is absurd. On the page for signing up for extended storage it says, " For any questions about your plan, contact us at:", which I did about my issue. Got an email back that “None of the destination email addresses are recognized…”

Thanks for pointing out all the issues with the subscription plan release. Just checked and the email ID and it does bounce back with the message as mentioned above. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will be discussing this with the team and updating on this page.

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As a workaround you can also send a mail to with the subject “Subscription Plan”

I’m getting an error

In a banner across the top. I find this somewhat frustrating that it has almost been a week since this thread started and users are still having issues. I want to support /e/ but you are making it difficult!!