Lenovo Yoga tab install and rotating display mode

Hi all,

I install the e-os ROM on my 2016 Lenovo Yoga Tab YTX703F and I encountered 2 (major/minor ?) issues:

-1- When installing with TWRP, I have to create manually the dir “/cache/recovery” by mean of TWRP terminal.

Before manual creation, the install script aborts with an error message
“unable to create /cache/recovery/2bdde85048…”

-2- When installed, I discover that the Bliss launcher is not well suited for tablet.

It’s OK for phones because we usually use it in one hand, meaning the phone is in vertical position. But for tabs wich are frequently used on landscape mode it’s not user friendly at all.

I suggest to add the auto-rotating mode, not only for apps, but also for Bliss and if possible change the icon grid to 7x7. As a minimum in the install process a suggestion to change the Launcher could be useful.

As a personal feeling, I’m a long time android user (2009) and I found Bliss to much close to iphone look and feel. Personally I use Shade launcher on both my tablet and my MI8-dipper because it’s more close to Android look.

I don’t know if e-os users are coming from Apple or Android world, but it seems to me that most of them are tech savvy’s, with Android look habits!

Hoping that mail could be useful for other e-os/YTX703F installers.

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Hi @radprec,

Thanks for your useful post, I just ordered one (on it’s way from UK :smile_cat:).

What is your TWRP version (from these) ?

Thanks also for your advice about launchers, I’ll give Shade Launcher a try :+1:

About Bliss :

Thanks again for your share !

Hi @Smu44,
My TWRP release is the last one 3.4.0

I will have a look on the links for Bliss.

have a nice day


I didn’t face any problem with TWRP

And thanks again for the advice about Shade Launcher, I find it very nice :slight_smile:

Nice to know.

I’ll try 3.3.1 for next e-os update

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