LG G5 H850 problems

New release e-0.9-n-2020051554230-dev-h850.zip issues:

  1. Email app not working ( flickering blank screen)
  2. The phone doesn’t Power off anymore. Instead, it is rebooting.

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Hi @lau, pl can you raise this as an issue on Gitlab with logs and as much details as possible.

Hi there,

I am new here and very happy with /e/ !
I have the same problem with last release e-0.11-n-2020082970471-dev-h850.zip :
“The phone doesn’t Power off anymore. Instead, it is rebooting”

A workaround is to send this command via adb :
adb shell 'reboot -p'

The command reboot doesn’t work in a terminal emulator on the device (need to be root and I didn’t find the setting : in Developper Options, the two options for root access are ‘Disabled’ and ‘ADB only’).

Edit : I found the issue on GitLab : https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/1325 but it contains more than one issue. Should I open a new issue ?

Hi, welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

Yes you can open a new one, with a link to the old one.

In the meantime, you could activate in the developper otions “Advanced reboot”. Then when you long press on the Power button, click on “Reboot” and click on “Recovery” to reboot into TWRP. Now go into “Reboot” and “Power off”.

HI, Thanks, I will open a new one

Unfortunately, your workaround doesn’t work for me : after Reboot, if I choose Recovery (or any other menu “Soft restart” or “Bootloader”), the device reboot as usual and I don’t have access to the TWRP.

Maybe it is due to the version you were on before installing /e/. Sadly, if it’s the source of the issue, I don’t know if you have to install the Oreo stock ROM or the Nougat stock ROM.

I can’t help more sadly.