LG G5 with last build 0.7-2019071716984 : Ebay and Freebox apps crash on launch

Hi !

As said in the title, these apps crash on launch. And it’s worse : regularly there is a message saying “Ebay has stopped” even it hasn’t been launched !

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Was trying to test Freebox on another device and it seems to be working. Though I did not go beyond this screen.

The issue may be device / OS specific. Please can you share alog and file a bug report giving details of device and OS in the bug report.

Same issue with Freebox App that I tried to install on my S7 refurbished phone with /e/ pre-installed. System version : 0.7-2019082020896

Ebay app now runs but I can’t log in ( a new exemple of issue with lack of GFS or MicroG struggling to replace it, I think…)

But Freebox app still crashes on launch

Yeah eBay doesn’t progress past login for me either on latest official build on Essential phone. I just use it as a web app / shortcut on homescreen. EBay app has terrible privacy rating and full of trackers anyway so I’m not too bothered

I just found a workaround to fix this issue and seems to work for any eBay app version, here is how:

  1. install eBay app
  2. go to OS settings / microG settings / Google Cloud Messaging
  3. select eBay app
  4. disable Start app on push message
  5. launch eBay app and login (this time will not crash)
  6. enable back Start app on push message in microG settings (step 2 to 3)

Tested on
Nexus 5x 0.9-o-2020051454222-dev-bullhead
eBay app from stock App store
eBay app from Aurora store