Lineage+Microg - Android 10 on a bunch of Xiaomi devices

I’ve see that Lineage 17 + microG is available for a lot of Xiaomi devices. Could we expect /e/ Q in a near future?
The better is to befin by MI8-Dipper!
Because it’s mine :smile: !

Of course I’m available for /e/Q betatesting.

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I also have Mi8 Dipper. Would be great to run Q on it

Pl check this list you will find dipper mentioned there.

It seems the list isn’t so accurate because 25 Jan – 29 Jan is overpass.
May be 25-29 jan 2022 :rofl:
I guess the dev team is too busy, but what could we expect?

:slight_smile: no it is definitely not 2022…the dates slipping by is because some of the devices need an image to be flashed first to prevent a bootloop. The dev team is working on building this. LOS already provides this as an extra step in the installation guide …this is missing in our install guides.

Thanks @Manoj for your answer, so it means the Q image is ready for flashing and we just have to run the extra script ?

This will be specifically for AB devices where a working image will be available on one of the partitions. In case the new build fails the phone will fall back on the working partition and user does not end up with a bootloop.

So we’ll wait for the availability of the Q-release!
hoping the fix will be found in the very next future.