Linux on android smart/e/phone

I was unsuccessful with “busy box” + “Linux Deploy”


@tcecyk, I want to test a GNU/Linux on my slotted ( broken but fonctionnal screen ) galaxy s4,
As you know, which method could be recommended or not recommended please ?



OT: @piero you want flash “normal” linux to a S4? if it’s the s4 mini (serranovelte) you can use this pmOS link . Mind the lk2nd instruction. The s4mini has prebuilt images so it will be as easy as flashing Android. But I didn’t understand “slotted”… you want to move this to another thread or pm?


________________ it boot ! _________________

Because i understand plasma-mobile is not avaible for my device, I choose xcfe4,

the touch screen don’t react,
I cannot yet have control on the device,

Running pmbootstrap container, I see a NOTE in the terminal " No valid keymap specified for the device "
I don’t remember to be asked for this option

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Could I try ( maybe it is “serranoxxlte” compatible ) ?

checkout the pmOS devices page - the S4 jflte is there but its a snapdragon 600. It will use vendor-derived lineageos kernels (3.x). You’ll have no prebuilt images, but pmbootstrap is userfriendly.

The “fun” with normal linux is if you can run a mainline kernel and have modem/wifi capability. Checkout the SoC documentation on this which chipsets have good support already:

  • qcom msm8916 (snapdragon 410/412)
  • qcom msm8953 (snapdragon 450/625/626/632)
  • snapdragon 845

“AOSP on mainline!”

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pmbootstrap is thrilling me !..

What do you mean by :


I finally found the command :

$ pmbootstrap install --android-recovery-zip

$ pmbootstrap export

Second attempt with “sxmo” ( graphical environment that match the pinephone config )

but I cannot find the .ZIP under /tmp

Edit :
I found the .ZIP in a /tmp folder, but deeper in the building tree !

Touchscreen seems reactive, error notification about modem that can’t be loaded

I can open Firefox and see a local readme or wiki ( volume up + power )

@tcecyk : my Intel core2 duo 2x2 GHz CPU and 2 GB RAM can build “postmarketOS”, perhaps it has the capacity to build /e/ ?

lk2nd → I forgot at some point to boot into the littlekernel bootloader, then fastboot will fail, but you didn’t run into this obviously

May be fastboot specific… or fixed
For samsung device, I use heimdall flash method.

… has the capacity to build /e/ ?

I think with 2G mem you’ll run into outofmemory situations… consider getting more ram. If determined and you have a fast ssd, you could try creating a large swapfile for building to avoid oomkill… disk requirement is high at 400G, see [HOWTO] How much space do I need to build for /e/?

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