[LIST] Apps that work or do not work with microG

de.dak.dak_app 3.19.0 works with /e/OS 1.15 on the Fairphone 4

Hi! The app “La Banque Postale” does not work on my phone (SM-A310F /e/OS 1.16). It crashes after the authentication, just before displaying the home screen.

Exploring microG and its compatibility with various apps is like navigating a digital drama. Some apps gracefully waltz with microG, seamlessly syncing data, while others stumble in a choreography of errors. It’s a tech tango where compatibility is the lead, and microG plays a dynamic partner. Like the latest episode of " Teri Meri Dooriyan new episode," the compatibility saga unfolds with suspense. Some apps bow gracefully to microG’s open-source charm, creating a harmonious duet. Yet, there are those dramatic moments where apps resist the microG allure, leaving users in a cliffhanger. Today’s episode in the microG saga continues, a digital dance of compatibility, where each step determines the harmony or discord in the tech world’s grand performance.

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The app Shell Box is not logging and showing this alert that they found a behavior in desagreement of their terms of use

Bare with me I’m completely new to put something else than android on my phone a fairohine 3+

What can I expect? Do these apps work?
Qfile pro
Raiffeisen Twint
Raiffeisen E-banking
Raiffeisen Phototan

Or even better. Is there a way to check what apps wont work?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

/e/OS is still Android :wink: .
(Preinstalled Google Apps and services are not what constitutes Android.)

Starting points …

Install and try :innocent: ?
(Since /e/OS doesn’t have the genuine Google services, Google-dependent Apps, which are most of all Apps, may or may not work with the Open Source replacement microG included in /e/OS at any given point in time anyway. Most things work out pretty well, but there’s no guarantee.)

Else … every App in https://f-droid.org should work.

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These work (I use them myself, can’t say about the rest… I am sure this is redundant information):
Keepass (source: fdroid)
FairEmail (source: github)
Signal (source: aurora)

Confirm: KeePassDX, FreeOTP+, Open Camera, Signal without problem on eOS 1.17-r

I can confirm that all Proton apps work perfectly.

Not working: Ireal Pro. It shows a licensing error, even with SafetyNet enabled

Ladenetz App is not working since a couple of iterations.

Pluxee app does work partially for viewing account but payment is not possible most likely due to the lack of google pay.

Pokemon Go was working till February 1st.

After much effort and web searching, I’m guessing it’s the start of the SafetyNet sutdown causing that.

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Okay, the effectiveness of MicroG is key for apps which depend on Google Services, but I know the privacy settings in /e/OS also play a part in this. Some apps do not work with a hidden IP. So I guess some apps in the list of ‘not working with MicroG’ may not work because of the Advanced Privacy setting, not because of MicroG.

My phone pass completely in safetynet and do not authenticate in pokemon go, not with Gacc, not even facebook, I think is something new in Gservices not implemented in microG

Pokemon Go had an update today and the updated version works. So that can go back on the list. :slight_smile:

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Hi! I just created an account here because I’d like to check whether I’ll buy me an e/OS smartphone. But I need certain (medical) apps to work. I couldn’t find them in the lists and tables above, so if I list them here, could someone check them for me? Pretty please? :slight_smile:

By all means, list away.

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Here it comes :slight_smile:


  • MiniMed ™ Mobile (app that gathers info from insulin pump + makes notifications to the user);
  • CareLink ™ Connect (app that transmits glucose info to insulin pump-user + caregiver);
  • Guardian ™ (app that gathers info only from the glucose transmitter);
  • Mijn Eetmeter (Dutch app to calculate food nutritients, needed for the glucose & insulin apps mentioned above);
  • Helena (Belgian app to receive digital prescriptions from your General Practitioner);
  • MyNexUZhealth (Belgian app to register in several hospitals, see appointments and lab results, … even pay your bills);

To pay with:

  • Bonsai (app that creates a digital credit card from your debet card, works with Google Pay, but it’s not necessary to link both apps, so I wonder whether Bonsai is still usable as stand-alone-app to pay with in stores, restaurants, …);
  • Payconiq (the app from Bancontact, which manages debet card payments in all Belgium), I thought I read someone mentioned above it does not work on e/OS?
  • Triodos (bank app, just to check your accounts and make credit transfers between accounts/banks, not used to pay with)

Public transport:

  • NMBS (Belgian train, both to look up itineraries AND buy tickets - are both possible on e/OS?);
  • Eurostar (Benelux + Germany + UK high-speed trains, to look up itineraries AND buy tickets);
  • De Lijn (Belgian/Flemish public transport);
  • STIB/MIVB (Brussels public transport).

For fun:

  • Evie (launcher);
  • Your Calendar Widget (super-adjustable widget that takes data from your calendar accounts on your smartphone).

Could someone please check whether these apps work on e/OS?
(I couldn’t find them in the table above or on this page, but I might have missed some…)

Thanks in advance! I hope most of them are available, so it would make my decision to switch to e/OS a lot easier :sweat_smile: :crossed_fingers:t2:

This didn’t work for me: the app needed to take a photo of my face,using Google APIs and/or Libraries that are not yet implemented by microG