[LIST] Apps that work or do not work with microG

Thank you for your answer :pray:.
I don’t know what “a package” mean (don’t speak english very well and not good in technologies and computer). Césium is a duniter app(https://duniter.org) for managing libre currency Ğ1. I 've got it on my actual phone android (Google play) and on my computer (ubuntu)

Sorry to say I was not able to install Cesium. Probably because I am in the U.S.
Tried App Lounge and Aurora Store.

Have you tried to use it with microG? That is the best way to find out if it works on your /e/ phone.

fr.duniter.cesium found in AppLounge and installed (from Italy). I don’t have an account, so I can’t test it but here is the first screen.

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I confirm compatibility with Banca Móvil, BAC - Costa Rica.

Can anybody confirm having Lignes d’Azur Tickets working on /e/?
I’m running /e/ 1.11-r-20230512289175-dev-a5y17lte on Samsung A5 2017. Not rooted, no magisk on the phone. I tap on “Buy a ticket on phone” and then “Just want a single ticket? - continue without account” → App crashes.

Nope, first i got a message to install an extra app/add-on called ‘Carte Lignes d’Azur Mobile’ (eu.mobeepass.walletapplication), and after that i tried to buy a ticket without an account, but then i get a message that an error has accured and i need to restart te app. Restarting the app results in the same error over and over again…

Dott application cannot be used but “sort of” works: installation and launch is okay.

But it is impossible to configure a payement method (credit card or other).

This is very disappointing.

Application allow to rent electronic bycicles in some areas (Grenoble, in my case).

Exact application name:

This is a great resource. I noticed a few that I use aren’t on it.
For UK users, the Nationwide Banking App works. It’s available in the /e/OS store. Nationwide is the biggest mutually-owned building society in the UK, so should be of widespread interest here.
On a rather more niche level, the London Review of Books app works. It’s in the /e/store. You need a subscription to the paper.
ITVX also works. /e/store
Opentracks, which turns your phone into a bike computer without being creepy and is entirely open-source, working with OSMAnd+, works. It’s on F-Droid.
The Rakuten Kobo app works, for both ebooks and audiobooks, but you have to buy your books through a browser. It is, however the only way to play Kobo audiobooks, so useful. /e/OS store.
The BorrowBox library app also works. Public libraries in the UK use this for ebooks and audiobook loans. /e/OS store.

NOT WORKING : com.openai.chatgpt

Device: FP3
os version: 1.13-s-20230727314102-dev-FP3

“Something went wrong. Please make sure your device has the latest version of google play.”

NOT WORKING : Miles Mobility & Emmy

Device: FP4
os version: 1.13-s-20230727314102-dev-FP3

It just crashes before loading map. Both are car and scooter sharing apps

Hi There, can you confirm if the Monabanq app still working?

Still true! Yes, I’m aware I can use Find on Page from the 3dot menu, but Crtl+F is just built into my brain.

Check in this thread…

Sorry I can’t tell you now, I have a new smartphone (S10e) and it is still on stock ROM.

I will keep you informed when I install /e/ OS.

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Hi, booking.com application is not available in the market, not the default one at least. Following the link that they send, I found it and it is rated 0 for the privacy but about installation the N/A is displayed. Someone can give me some more information about? Thanks, R-


Maybe this can help you.

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Com.andcharge does not work. Many pieces of data are not being transferred, so it is not usable.

Yes it did but to sign in I had to allow this tracker:

Which after all is a anti-fraud platform or, at least, it presents itself in that way.

Hi @Manoj
You have to remove BankID from “Working with microG” and add it to “Not Working with microG”.