[LIST] Apps that work or do not work with microG

Pluxee app does work partially for viewing account but payment is not possible most likely due to the lack of google pay.

Pokemon Go was working till February 1st.

After much effort and web searching, I’m guessing it’s the start of the SafetyNet sutdown causing that.

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Okay, the effectiveness of MicroG is key for apps which depend on Google Services, but I know the privacy settings in /e/OS also play a part in this. Some apps do not work with a hidden IP. So I guess some apps in the list of ‘not working with MicroG’ may not work because of the Advanced Privacy setting, not because of MicroG.

My phone pass completely in safetynet and do not authenticate in pokemon go, not with Gacc, not even facebook, I think is something new in Gservices not implemented in microG