[LIST] Apps that work or do not work with microG

Trying to book a service at Tesla. Doesn’t work. After Input of my address, the dealership search does not work and I get the message attached. Connection not working.

Any ideas?

Not sure if it’s related but I frequently have applications that no longer connect to the network after a certain amount of time. I am on Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Lavender V0.23-R.

The only way to solve the problem is to uninstall and reinstall the application.

I have opened a ticket on Gitlab a few months ago:

I think Google Home should be removed from the list. I cannot login with my old Google Account through microg and Home only works when attached to one.

All I get is “Sorry, there was a problem communicating with the server”


after 1 day of using google now quickly back to /e/ i saw that my battery was draining very quickly. I thought yes, all the apps in the background that send my information are naturally guzzling power.

Installed /e/ yesterday and the battery is happy again and so am I.

Now I would like to properly set up my smartphone Fairphone 3+ and especially install the right apps now.

My question is therefore which apps can I use best for, among other things

Mail (now Outlook but I want to leave) I now also use Fairmail but it may have trouble with gmail but completely away from gmail :thinking:.

Calendar, Phone, messages (sms) Internet browser, photos (now Google)
whatsapp apps

I hope you can help me find the right apps.

Thanks regards JbdV

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Some apps i use:

  • proton mail
  • proton calendar
  • brave (browser)

It’s not as if you couldn’t do anything against that if you tried :wink: .

Noticeable cases in which I don’t use the /e/OS preinstalled Apps …

Fennec F-Droid (= Firefox built by F-Droid)

Simple Gallery Pro (from F-Droid, part of the good Simple Mobile Tools)

And for me, the official K-9 Mail from F-Droid works better than /e/'s built-in fork called Mail. It can be installed alongside the built-in app, and will always be ahead of the fork in terms of bug fixes and new features. But you won’t get /e/'s colour scheme :wink:

I don’t like K-9 and its clones much in general, so for me it doesn’t really matter. I use the preinstalled Mail App since the LineageOS Mail App I installed initially (with far superior mail syncing behaviour compared to K-9 and a UI I like much more) somewhen gave up working with /e/OS, but it was nice while it lasted.

Papara, Uphold, and Hepsiburada applications do not work with MicroG.

Papara: It is a financial application that provides prepaid payment card, making payments, sending money, paying bills.

Uphold: Cryptocurrency is an web site`s application that can be traded.

Hepsiburada: It is a shopping site similar to Ebay.

We can log in to our account through the websites of the above applications. However, it is not possible to log in to our account through the applications.

“EU login” app, required in the near future for OTP autentication do not work in /e/.

Downloaded from app lounge anonimously is blocked by TC.

I was able to download and install it from Aurora Store. IT seems to run OK. Sadly, I can’t test it any further as I am no longer an EU citizen :frowning:

Thanks @smu44 for your advice.

I tried what you suggest here

i.e. the long press on the link, but “open in another app” seems no longer available.

For ebay Kleinanzeigen there seems to be a workaround to a least use the program. If you double tab on a menu point after a while the program is working normally and can be used. if the program does not work again one has do do the same double tab on a menu point

I know this might not be the right topic to ask about this, but here it says that the Pro versions of Simple Mobile Tools would be paid for. Is there an exception made in F-Droid, or what is the reason for not having to pay anything there?

F-Droid gets what developers give them.
You can also get the Thank You App for all Simple Mobile Tools Apps for free there … https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.simplemobiletools.thankyou/

OsmAnd is another example. OsmAnd+ costs money in the Play Store, OsmAnd~ (the same thing apart from the ~) is available for free in F-Droid.

If I got the FairEmail developer right recently, for all he sees the number of F-Droid users is currently negligible in comparison to Play Store users, so I guess there’s no big loss currently and no incentive for developers to think about this more seriously. And there might be idealists among them, too.


Hi, I have the trust level basic but I don’t see ant edit button on the first post.

Here’s my observation :

Working :
|Crédit Coopératif|Banking|fr|no|

Indeed, the Crédit Coopératif app is a copy of the Caisse d’Epargne app (named Banxo).
I can add the 2 apps to the first post.

The Monabanq app can also be added to the working list.

Anyone who got a workaround for using PayPal? It’s a real dealbreaker since I need it almost daily. If it can’t be used on Murena I need to switch to another ROM… That would be such a pity. I got almost anything else up and running :frowning:

Did you already try to downgrade the PayPal app as I described in the following post

A detailed description on how to find and download previous app versions you’ll find a few posts bellow.

@ManualS: I totally missed that! Will try tomorrow and report back!