[LIST] Banking Apps on /e/OS

I had my problem solved by calling them and getting my identifier re-activated. Thanks for your support!

Brac Bank app doesn’t work, here is the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bracbank.astha

Hi @hypnotics I see that it is also available as a web app


Did you also test that ? With a web app (if it works) you can “add to Home screen” from Browser.

this internet banking website doesn’t have all the feature of the mobile app.

The Triodos customer service was understanding, but couldn´t suggest a solution for my problem. Luckily, I found a solution and told them what it was.
The person who answered me told me more clients (including herself) also rather use a device without Google services or Apple services. Unfortunately, Triodos doesn´t offer apps that aren´t dependent of Google or Apple, she wrote.
In my e-mail I wrote that I had to consider leaving Triodos if my problem couldn´t be solved. That’s why she ended her reply by saying: I hope you won’t leave us. Good luck with your deliberation.

So: no solution but lots of consideration!

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Sadly Starling Bank no longer works. They say "Unfortunately the Starling app will not work on rooted devices due to security reasons. "


"Jailbroken or rooted devices and custom ROMs aren’t compatible with Starling’s security features. "


I was able to install the Triodos app but as soon as it got the the bit where you record a video during the set-up process it just told me that I needed Google Play services. How did you get around that? Perhaps the UK and Netherlands apps have different requirements. I guess so.

Saying that, I’ve just had a little search and found this:


Which says:

" The culprit behind this issue is the firebaseremoteconfig.googleapis.com API of Google. So to rectify it, you just need to block this site [apart from obviously passing the SafetyNet Test beforehand].

For that, you could use a third-party app like Block Site or block it on a DNS level via DNS Adguard, Adaway, etc. So carry out this tweak and it should fix the issue of the Starling Bankip app not working on rooted devices."

Does anyone know how best to do that on /e/ OS? I just had a quick look in Advanced Privacy settings and I can’t see anywhere where I can add URLs to block.

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If you don’t have one, ask Triodos for the digipass (looks like a calculator, but small) and use that to setup the app. I had one lying around which was deactivated by Triodos because they wanted us to log in with the mobile banking app. So, I still had the password for the digipass. When you get a new digipass, you have to setup that first and then setup the mobile banking app.

I have a digipass for my business banking savings account with them. But they told me business banking cannot use the app. And when I tried to set-up the app for the personal savings accounts (I actually just wanted to open a new account but presently the only way you can do that is using the app) I couldn’t get pass the bit when you record a video.

the Tridos (both UK and NL) App calls a function for the face verification that doesn’t exist with /e/, no way to fix this currently from /e/s side - Problem with Camera on Triodos Banking App - #2 by tcecyk … Digipass seems like an alternative way for authentication (if available).

for the Starling workaround you propose… a (temporary) domain block that isn’t covered by AP you could use nextdns or rethinkdns for - basically a remote DNS is doing the blocking then.

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I was not presented with any digipass authentication option. But perhaps I would’ve been if I already had a digipass to login to my personal accounts (I don’t, I just login with username/ password for those - the digipass I have is only for my business account and those can’t use the app at all. It’s all a bit of a confusing mess. Shame because Triodos are orders of magnitude more ethical than nearly all other banks)

does any Ireland bank apps supported by e os?

You are right about business accounts. They still use the digipass for banking. If I’m correct, for personal accounts, you can also use the username and password to register the app on your phone. But, if you still can’t register that way because you still have to identify yourself by making pictures/recordings, I would ask Triodos for an extra identifier to use for your registering. You won´t need that thing anymore after registering for the app.

Monzo for UK :uk:

Works really well with my usage so far. No warnings and seems fully functional.

Starling Bank app just broke for me completely, must’ve updated their security checks.

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Meanwhile, CIC french bank app is still working fine :smiley_cat:

Since this week i have a problem with the KNAB and ABN-AMRO app in the Netherlands, that i cannot scan the QR-codes on IDEAL payments anymore or Login to my bank-account.

On the Dutch group i found someone else with this problem and it looks that it comes with the new update of the apps. On my old phone it was working with e/os version 1.10. (old version of the app)

I have an Asus Zenfone 8 .

Question, does it fully work? Like, can you use the device signature system etc to sign transactions?

I tried this app on microG for Lineage 20 but I couldn’t make it work. I could see my account data etc, but digital signing of transactions couldn’t be activated.

If it works completely on e/OS, that’d be amazing :slight_smile:

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ASN Bank App (The Netherlands) does not work: QR scanner within app does not react to QR-codes. Fairphone 4; did not work on e/OS 1.10 and still does not work on e/OS 1.11.