[LIST] New devices to be added to the list of supported devices on /e/OS T - Part I

As promised we are now adding a set of 19 new devices to our list of supported devices

  • Devices will be added on /e/OS T.
  • List will be updated in the days to come. Devices may be added or removed based on the success of the builds
  • ETA of release mid of October :crossed_fingers:
  • All thing going smoothly release may be on v1.15 :crossed_fingers:
Vendor Device Name Device Codename
10.or G G G
F(x)tec Pro¹ X pro1x
Google Pixel 6 oriole
Google Pixel 6a bluejay
Google Pixel 6 Pro raven
Google Pixel 7 panther
Google Pixel 7 Pro cheetah
LG V30 (T-Mobile) h932
LG V30 (Unlocked) joan
Nokia 6.1 (2018) PL2
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019) gtowifi
Xiaomi Mi 9 SE grus
Xiaomi Redmi 9 lancelot
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 merlinx
Xiaomi Redmi 3S Mi8937
Xiaomi Mi CC 9 pyxis
Xiaomi POCO X3 NFC surya
Xiaomi Mi CC9 Meitu Edition vela
Xiaomi Mi 8 SE xmsirius

Please add the Google Pixel 7a too! (lynx)

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Excuse me Manoj but what is the difference with this list?

Thank you

Upgrades are done to devices we already support.For example, FP3. From existing devices which were on a previous OS version say S or R we come out with a T build
New devices are devices which were previously not supported and are being inducted into the supported list. For example, Google Pixel 6a bluejay is not available as yet and will be added with /e/OS T ASAP.


This list of devices has been released. The devices builds have the same issue of the recovery not being published. We expect to resolve this issue with the next release v1.16 with an ETA of mid Oct.


Just to clarify, could you please explain?
Redmi Note 9 (merlinx) is already available but as you say without recovery as an independent downloadable image.
However, there’s a recovery.img inside e-1.15-t-20230917331436-dev-merlinx.zip, and I already have a recovery from Lineage4Microg20 (T). Can’t any of these be used?

Please add also /e/OS T-Support for the Device Xiaomi Redmi 7 onclite (there is already a LineageOS 20 Version available for this Device).
Thank you!

Please see unofficial build if you want to test:

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Using two phones currently, Samsung with e/OS and a googled phone, as some applications just will not work on e/OS.
Nevertheless, Murena is a great step forward, but how about a phone that allows 2 OS?
One with G***gle and all the apps that will only work with it, one with e/OS. A switch allows the user to go between both OS?
I use e/OS and when there is no other possibility (banking app etc), I switch on the other, and then off again once completed!

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Not likely to be /e/OS official territory, but a nice method here OnePlus 7 Pro dual boot a/b/c partition with eOS and Kali Nethunter on Android R 11


When will a regular Version of e/os for FP 5 be published? I know about the murena version with pre-installed e/os, but I didn’t noticed when I buyed my new FP5 with pre-installed google stuff. Thanks in advance for Information

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My redmi 10T lite (gauguin) is a 6GB RAM smartphone.
Please add it.

/e/OS is based on LineageOS.
gauguin doesn’t have LineageOS based on Android 13 (T) yet, it seems … https://download.lineageos.org/devices/gauguin/builds … the offered LineageOS 19.1 is Android 12.