List of applications used as a default in /e/ OS

Hi to all,
We should be having a list of applications that are used in /e/ OS as a default so that we know while downloading from F-droid or Aurora. As the names in /e/ os is changed and we are tempted to install the same application from app store etc.
For example /e/ OS have Etar as a default but its name is changed there in /e/ OS. And one is tempted to download the same Application from App store.


Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Sorry, I found a link where you can find default application list of /e/ OS.


For apps that have been forked (and renamed) by /e/, it’s OK to download and install the original app. For example I use

  • QKSMS rather than /e/'s Message app fork, because it has working backup,
  • NextCloud Notes, rather than /e/'s Notes fork, because it is easier to switch between different NextCloud accounts

The only apps you need to blacklist are PdfViewer Plus and Maps / Magic Earth


just a query.
If I use QKSMS and K9 rather than /e/ default Message app and Mail app, do they have the same integration as the default applications? (Syncing with /e/ account etc?)
What about privacy comparision between Original applications and /e/ default (forked) applications?

For the Mail app, “synchronization” doesn’t apply. Mail is synchronized by using the same mail server.

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With QKSMS, you just have to set it as your default messaging app
With K-9, you have to add your /e/ email account, either by exporting from /e/'s Mail app and importing to K-9, or just add the account in K-9. Takes less than a minute

I don’t know what changes if any, /e/ have made in the forks of their apps. I don’t know of any real privacy problems with either app, whether the original or /e/'s fork.

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Off topic : what’s wrong with pdf wiever plus ?


your post inspired me to the question what /e/ does look like… “unforked” ? just for fun… beside the trolling, it provides the list of appids automatically installable script.

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