List of available apps?

Folks; wanted to set up my Moto G (2015) with /e/ but would like to know whether most of the relevant apps I use are available here as well. Is there a list of apps available in the /e/ app store, or does the store have a web interface to browse?
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You can use Aurora from f-droid. Aurora is a free client for goolag play store. That’s meaning, you can get all apps which are available on play store. but … most paid apps won’t work on eOS !!!

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Ah ok, yeah, I’ve seen that before - but isn’t there an *actual’ /e/ store? Or am I wrong here…?

No there is no web interface. Maybe it’s possible to download the “Apps store” apk on our GitLab and install it on your phone in order to search for an app, but maybe it will crash since it needs to be a system app so I don’t know.

Anyway, since Aurora Store and F-Droid exist, it’s not a big deal if an app isn’t available or up to date in the Apps store (except if you really don’t want any little link with Google, in that case you don’t want to use Aurora Store).

If you just want to know if an app is available in /e/ ecosystem, check this out:

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Well yes, that’s what I remembered and had in mind - I wondered whether there, in the meantime, is a “better” way to browse which apps are available within the /e/ ecosystem. But apparently this is not the case so far. :slight_smile: Thanks anyway!

Not sure what you mean by “a better way to browse” apps within the /e/ ecosystem. The apps that are part of the ecosystem are included with the ROM. Anything else is just third party apps available via some store (Apps, Aurora, F-Droid). None related to /e/ (I’m slow on the uptake so I’m sure that’s not what you meant).
What did you have in mind for “better browsing” of apps?

Ah sorry, to make that clear: Given the article that has been linked to, above, I was thinking /e/ would be shipping with its own app repository at some point (the database queried when accessing ). Essentially, what I am looking for is an alternative to not for checking whether an app is “in there” (whatever that actually means) by entering a code but rather for browsing which apps this repository already knows.

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