[LIST] Paid apps that can be purchased from developer and used on /e/OS

Adding a section where users can add details of third party applications users can purchase directly from the developer and use on /e/.

  • This is an editable list so feel free to add update the details
  • Only add names of applications you have actually purchased, installed and tested on /e/
    What to enter in the columns
  • Category - In this column mention what type of application it is for example communication, educational ,game etc
  • Application Name: Name of the application
  • App Description : A brief description of what the app does …why it is recommended…how to purchase it …any email or website links from where the user can purchase it
  • Comments…If required
Category Application Name App Description Comments
Navigation Komoot Komoot is a navigation and routing tool for walks and bike tools, hiking, walking Can be purchased via G-Play or directly on the developpers’ website komoot.com. The app comes with currently 8 trackers
Communication Threema A privacy respecting messenger app The app is open source but a one-time license needs to be purchased in order to get the app downloaded and running. License available on G-Play, H-AppGallery and on the developers’ website threema.ch. Once bought and installed, the app updates itself when needed
Navigation Bikemap Bicycle navigation app Can be purchased as monthly, annual or life-long membership plan through the developers’s website. Unfortunately the app comes along with quite a package of nasty trackers (7)
Communication FairEmail Email app Can be purchased via the app, tap at the top, various payment methods. Ability to send email at future date/time.
Productivity FolderSync Pro Cloud storage synchronization Can be purchased via Google Play or directly from their purchase page. Contains three AppMeasurement trackers.
Automation MACRODROID Pro Upgrade Macro Automation Can be purchased via PayPal, click help on the upgrade page, ,Go down to and click on Request Upgrade Support, It will ask for your email, input and send . Follow instructions in email, pay as gift so developer gets full amount. Basic app contains 4 app trackers.
Encryption/File manager EDS File encryption Great app, can encrypt files on SD card as well as on the device storage (the only one I found, that could do that). Its due a new update shortly. It can be purchased direct from developer, normally you can pay by PayPal, but not during the conflict. If you have crypto currency, email the developer and he will provide a link - eds@sovworks.com
calendar CalenGoo A calendar and ToDo tool, that can be used privacy respecting Great app for google free calendar management and syncing via CalDAV and e.g. eCloud. Can be purchased via Google Play or directly from their purchase page. Contains two trackers.
multimedia yatse a remote for kodi/xbmc, plex or similar media centers, but also with local device playback. Allows to stream from your phone to different rendering devices
Music PowerAMP A highly customizable Music Player Probably the most versatile music player app out there for audiophiles. Supports third party skins and offers true Hi-Res, custom settings per output (BT, 3,5mm, USB-C externel Sound card) and much more. Can be purchased through it’s own website using various payment methods, checks your license key via email.
calendar iCal Import/Export CalDAV Import and Export of ics and calendar sync Pro version can be paid on app developer website.
Music GoneMad Highly featured music player Can be paid on app developer website.
Lenguage Pleco Chinese Dictionary Upgrade from Free can be bought from the developer website.
Tools SMS Backup & Restore Pro As the app name suggests :wink: Will also backup & restore calls history. https://www.synctech.com.au/downloads/sms-backup-restore-pro/ Very good app, used by many. Pro version can also upload to a WebDAV share, let’s say to Murena Cloud. When bought outside Play Store, will not update automatically.
System SD Maid Pro File & App Management, System Cleaner Can be purchased via Google Play or directly from this website. Developers Website. Contains an error-monitoring tracker.
Audio Casting AirMusic Stream Music via AirPlay, DLNA, Sonos wireless, Roku Streaming, Google Cast, Qualcomm Allplay, Denon Heos, Samsung Multiroom, Amazon Fire etc Can be purchased via the developer. You need to pay by PayPal and then supply the MAC address of your device. Support@airmusic.app Developers Website](https://www.airmusic.app/#home).

If you are interested in learning Chinese, I can recommend Pleco. It can be bought from their site. If you do that, you unlock all the functions you have paid for for both Android and iOS.

Test the free version to see if it is of interest first :+1: It is available in the /e/ Application Installer.

Go to their site: https://www.pleco.com/

Go to the online store: https://store.pleco.com/

From their site:
We make exactly one product – “Pleco Chinese Dictionary”, an all-in-one Chinese dictionary / flashcard / document reading / etc app which we currently offer for iPhone / iPad / iPod and Android – anytime anybody mentions “Pleco,” that’s probably what they’re talking about. All of the features we’re known for are covered by that single app.

The basic version of Pleco is a free download, and includes our full dictionary search engine, a couple of very nice dictionaries, a light version of our document reader function (tap-lookup text in the clipboard), basic audio support, and no advertising.

Many additional features are available as paid in-app purchases, but we try very very hard not to be pushy about them. You’ll never get a popup nagging you to buy anything; in fact, as long as you stay out of the “Add-ons” screen, you should hardly even be aware they exist. Think of Pleco more like an e-book store – some books are free, others you have to pay for, but we’re happy to have you using our software even if you never spend a dime. That being said, we have a whole lot of really spectacular dictionaries and other add-on features available, so we certainly hope you’ll find a few things in our catalog that you’d like to buy.

Please e/os users, ask developers to provide other sources to buy apps and IAPs outside of the Play Store, and post any successful outcome here.I have asked a few.

It would be great to get a large selection of apps, once we have a number it should encourage other developers to follow.


simplemobiletools! Ok it is technically a donation (as you choose the amount, implication on tax and refund) - but let me make my case for why I think of it as payment “in Spirit” for Users wanting to stay outside Google Play.

To get unlocked features (setting your own accent color :slight_smile: ) the “Thank-You” App is offered via F-Droid (!) and is thus available in the /e/ Appclient for /e/ Users at no cost. This is done complementary by the app author, nothing he’d need to do.

To meet my end of the idea of a purchase I can send money via any of the options at Support Us | Simple Mobile Tools - SEPA for europeans is an easy way to avoid transaction costs or pay a platform.

8 apps in 5 months. Not good.

@Confused Let me fix that. I can’t edit the list, probably because I’m not that long here / not enough posts. :wink:

Category: Music
App: PowerAMP
Description: A highly customizable Music Player
Comments: Probably the most versatile music player app out there for audiophiles. Supports third party skins and offers true Hi-Res, custom settings per output (BT, 3,5mm, USB-C externel Sound card) and much more. Can be purchased through it’s own website using various payment methods, checks your license key via email.

Of course tested on my /e/. :slight_smile:


Thanks Noxi, I have added it to the list for you.

Excellent 25% more apps in 3 days.

I’m not entirely sure if this fits the purpose of this post, so I won’t post any links, to avoid being considered spam, but I used to have a couple of apps in the Play Store that were offered via APK directly (annual subscription). I’ve since rewritten them to be end-to-end encrypted, and took the opportunity to keep them as PWAs instead (nothing to install, easier to maintain and update). Note this wasn’t a “mandatory upgrade” or anything like that. Quite a few people liked the previous version, don’t want end-to-end encryption, and prefer the native apps. They just won’t get updates, but the source code is available and I give licenses for free for people who want to tweak and use it for themselves (very rare).

Most of my customers (less than 100 in total) were slightly confused by not having the new version of the app in the stores, but were very open to “installing” the apps via the browser, or just plain using them right there. It’s simple apps, so there’s no massive gains or losses performance-wise.

My point of this is that you can also suggest developers to build a PWA instead of native apps because it has many advantages.

If all of this seems fine and acceptable, I’m happy to link here my apps (one is for simple expenses management and the other for simple unscheduled events management).

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We can also add GoneMad, another music player. I bought the license through his website and I received the app to unlock by mail. Works perfectly.

I contacted SMS Backup and Restore and MX Player, unfortunately they don’t offer this kind of purchase.


Would be good if users kept asking developers to sell their apps/upgrades outside of the Play Store. The more people that ask developers, the more developers will realise it is an untapped market.

Also maybe App Lounge could have a section that promotes the apps you can buy outside of the Play Store!

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I’m not sure if it belong this this thread. However you can get full version of “Nova Launcher” on phone with /e/OS. All you need to do is to provide proof or purchase to the Nova launcher support (support@novalauncher.com) and they’ll provide you activation code. This basically means that you have to purchase the Nova Launcher Prime first via Google Play but after this you can use it on your /e/OS phone or any other deggogled phone.