[LIST] Paid apps that can be purchased from developer and used on /e/OS

Adding a section where users can add details of third party applications users can purchase directly from the developer and use on /e/.

  • This is an editable list so feel free to add update the details
  • Only add names of applications you have actually purchased, installed and tested on /e/
    What to enter in the columns
  • Category - In this column mention what type of application it is for example communication, educational ,game etc
  • Application Name: Name of the application
  • App Description : A brief description of what the app does …why it is recommended…how to purchase it …any email or website links from where the user can purchase it
  • Comments…If required
Category Application Name App Description Comments
Navigation Komoot Komoot is a navigation and routing tool for walks and bike tools, hiking, walking Can be purchased via G-Play or directly on the developpers’ website komoot.com. The app comes with currently 8 trackers
Communication Threema A privacy respecting messenger app The app is open source but a one-time license needs to be purchased in order to get the app downloaded and running. License available on G-Play, H-AppGallery and on the developers’ website threema.ch. Once bought and installed, the app updates itself when needed
Navigation Bikemap Bicycle navigation app Can be purchased as monthly, annual or life-long membership plan through the developers’s website. Unfortunately the app comes along with quite a package of nasty trackers (7)
Communication FairEmail Email app Can be purchased via the app, tap at the top, various payment methods. Ability to send email at future date/time.
Productivity FolderSync Pro Cloud storage synchronization Can be purchased via Google Play or directly from their purchase page. Contains three AppMeasurement trackers.