[LIST] Release plan for /e/ R on new and supported devices


am I right that only FP3 is supported for R and not FP3+?

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@Manoj: This indeed needs clarifying. Info about Fairphone FP3/3+ - FP3 says

Caution: Please note this upgrade is specific to users of FP3 only.”

The same page uses FP3 as the name for both FP3 and 3+. This is a bit confusing. “specific to users of Fairphone 3, not Fairphone 3+” would be clear, if that is the intended meaning of the warning.

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Thanks for pointing this out. The text was put in when FP3+ had just come out. The /e/ R upgrade build is valid for both FP3 and FP3+
Will have it updated in the documentation ASAP.


thank you for the info

I have a FP3 running the latest /e/ Q 0.18, and would like to upgrade to R (beta). Should I flash the stock Fairphone OS (which is on Android 10 still) before flashing the /e/ R 0.18 build ?

Or can I simply flash /e/ R with adb using those instructions ?

Maybe you have a look at this topic (it’s for FP2 but also valid for FP3) or this issue first. It may help for avoiding a factory reset…

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I finally decided to do a clean flash of /e/ R without flashing stock beforehand, and followed the instructions on the page I linked (I had done the same thing to upgrade from Pie to Q). I don’t mind a factory reset, I don’t have much on my phone anyway.

Your suggestions are appreciated, and I am sure that they will be useful to someone wishing to upgrade, thank you !

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It feels great to find the ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M2 (X01BD) on this list. I am eagerly waiting to test and report. I have just one query regarding the version upgrade. Miracast is currently supported and working on Pie builds but does not work on stock LineageOS “R” builds on this device. Will /e/ R builds keep supporting Miracast on this device just like the Pie builds has up until now? As far as I know, there is no way to cast using chromecast while using MicroG, so killing support for Miracast will result in killing support for a major hardware feature. I really really hope this does not happen.

I noticed that the Xiaomi Mi 10T is on the list, does that mean the Mi 10 (without the T) will also be supported? :innocent:

Hi @Manoj will the Gigaset GS290 be getting R?
Not having it on this list is suprising as it is sold as a Murena phone and makes it seem like there aren’t plans to continue selling it as a Murena phone.

Where have you seen that ?

I don’t think you can draw that conclusion. All it means in my view is that an update to Android R is not yet planned. That may be because there is no LineageOS 18.1 build for this device. I couldn’t even find a Lineageos 17.1 ROM, but it must exist somewhere.

@piero @petefoth yep I could obviously be way off here, but I would have thought that the phones sold by /e/ would have been first to be added to this list as they would be the top priority devices for the /e/ foundation.

By experience not, s7 is still on nougat, s9 is still on oreo

In theory I agree, but /e/ depends a lot on the upstream developers who make the LineageOS ROMs on which /e/OS is based. The R release plans depend on - and are based on - what Lineage OS 18.1 ROMs are already available.

It may be that some Murena devices sold by /e/ will not get Android R updates, but /e/ have stated that they will support earlier Android versions of those phones.

@piero @petefoth fair enough gentlemen, lack of knowledge of the release process etc on my part.

Who are you calling a ‘gentleman’? :slight_smile:

Well I’m halfway through a fancy Italian red, so in the mood for calling just about anyone a gentleman. :grin:


For devices we sell on our eSolutions shop we assign members from our porting team to help with the OS upgrade. This is especially true where the devices are not supported by LineageOS. The OS upgrade is a painful and slow process the first time :frowning_face: . Will update in these weekly posts as and when there is any positive news