[LIST] Release plan for /e/ R on new and supported devices

Will check and update

Which url are you trying to access ?

As an expérimentation, is it possible that an advanced user, make this test :

Take a device running updated stock 11,
Flash a recovery if possible,
Change /vendor.IMG to an older, ( extracted from a stock 10 firmware )
Format /data, and Wipe /data /system /cache /davilk-cache,
Install /e/-0.17-Q

Thanks in advance.

That is what the easy installer seems to do for installing oreo.8 over stock android.10 on the Samsung s9/s9+

I didn’t try to access any URL for now, just waiting quietly for R source trees to be available and stabilized to start a build :slight_smile:
I’ve seen branch v-1-r but no 0.18 r, so I assume it’s not ready.
No hurry, I’d just like to be told when it’ll be OK !

The v-1-r should have the latest dev code in this case v0.18 . This is the same process as for all previous OS versions. Will check if a separate release branch will be enabled for R.

Can be X00TD added to the plan?
It has Official LineageOS 18.1 support…

Thanks for pointing it out…have added to the list

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Official LOS 18.1 on the way for :
Xiaomi POCO X3 Pro (vayu)
Sony Xperia Z2 (sirius)
Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 Wi-Fi (castor_windy)

As far as I know, these devices are not yet supported by /e/.

Thanks for sharing this info…will add to the list once the builds start rolling out

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same here. did buy it on the official /e/ store and would very much suprise me not to get the update

As the dev and stable updates to /e/OS 0.18 Quince tart version for the Gigaset GS290, have been yet released,
builds are from 2021.08.27, as others…

You certainty want to talk about an upgrade to an /e/OS Red velvet cake version based on android 11…
( it will come out of the RoadMap plan )


am I right that only FP3 is supported for R and not FP3+?

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@Manoj: This indeed needs clarifying. Info about Fairphone FP3/3+ - FP3 says

Caution: Please note this upgrade is specific to users of FP3 only.”

The same page uses FP3 as the name for both FP3 and 3+. This is a bit confusing. “specific to users of Fairphone 3, not Fairphone 3+” would be clear, if that is the intended meaning of the warning.

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Thanks for pointing this out. The text was put in when FP3+ had just come out. The /e/ R upgrade build is valid for both FP3 and FP3+
Will have it updated in the documentation ASAP.


thank you for the info

I have a FP3 running the latest /e/ Q 0.18, and would like to upgrade to R (beta). Should I flash the stock Fairphone OS (which is on Android 10 still) before flashing the /e/ R 0.18 build ?

Or can I simply flash /e/ R with adb using those instructions ?

Maybe you have a look at this topic (it’s for FP2 but also valid for FP3) or this issue first. It may help for avoiding a factory reset…

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I finally decided to do a clean flash of /e/ R without flashing stock beforehand, and followed the instructions on the page I linked (I had done the same thing to upgrade from Pie to Q). I don’t mind a factory reset, I don’t have much on my phone anyway.

Your suggestions are appreciated, and I am sure that they will be useful to someone wishing to upgrade, thank you !

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It feels great to find the ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M2 (X01BD) on this list. I am eagerly waiting to test and report. I have just one query regarding the version upgrade. Miracast is currently supported and working on Pie builds but does not work on stock LineageOS “R” builds on this device. Will /e/ R builds keep supporting Miracast on this device just like the Pie builds has up until now? As far as I know, there is no way to cast using chromecast while using MicroG, so killing support for Miracast will result in killing support for a major hardware feature. I really really hope this does not happen.