[LIST] Release plan for /e/ R on new and supported devices

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For devices we sell on our eSolutions shop we assign members from our porting team to help with the OS upgrade. This is especially true where the devices are not supported by LineageOS. The OS upgrade is a painful and slow process the first time :frowning_face: . Will update in these weekly posts as and when there is any positive news


Situation is a bit different for the s7 and s9 abandoned by Samsung and LineageOS, than others Murena Phones, considering the cooperation and relationship with Fairphone, Gigaset or Teracube


I’ve been trying to work out which of the 190 devices would have the best long term support. Fair phone and newer one plus devices seem well supported. Hopefully the newer Samsung S10 devices will have decent support as well. FP4 with /e/ would be a logical new purchasing choice, hopefully when /e/ has been ported on to it.

Hello everyone,

I am pretty clumsy and often damage/break my phone.
I would like to know if there are “robust” smartphones that will support /e/ OS.
For instance, crosscall smartphones (CORE-M4 : smartphone compact, résistant et fiable for instance) or others that I don’t know of

Thank you for your work :slight_smile:

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Galaxy s4active and s5active are not so robust…

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Good old Motorola from 2015, e.supported, are pretty robust, with a screen protector… and a second one, clone, to replace the broken daily :wink:

Sorry, I have to admit I am a bit confused. Is codename alioth released or still planned with and still pending for a completion time slot. I just ordered an f3 and would like to know if I can go ahead and try installing R on it.

Many thanks!

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I think I found my answer here /e/ R beta testing, so I guess I will sign up for volunteer beta test work.

Hello trefix,

Ok, thanks, I will check it!


You can easily open and repair the Galaxy s4 or s4mini as a Fairphone


A few of the community have requested the gx290 be supported by /e/ because it is a rugged phone, and the gs290 is already a central part of /e/.



Dont know just how rugged the gx290 is but I have the gs290 and it is a very good phone for the price.


So the nexus 5 “hammerhead” has been dropped?

No device has been dropped as yet. Some are simply refusing to be built !!! Various issues as mentioned here


Is there any sort of eta of R release for OnePlus Nord avicii?


We will have to port the avicci to /e/R. It is yet to be planned and implemented. Will update once I have any news on this.


Is Motorola Moto g50 XT2137-1 planned to be supported by /e/ ?

Better late than never :slight_smile: Here’s an unoffiicial R release for Z5 Compact suzuran, built from the v0.20-r tag


I have run through the same tests that I will be running on the forthcoming official v0.20-r releases and everything seems to pretty much work.

I have only tested a clean install, so be prepared to lose all your installed apps and data. There are some ways of migrating data from Q → R discussed in these forums (TWRP, SeedVault, Android backup and restore project) which may or may not work. Good luck, and have fun!


Nice one cheers, will give it a shot.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ve a backup /e/ phone with everything in place.

Can we have a hope to see the Samsung Galaxy A5(2016) a5xelte switch to the Android R version?