Looking for Google Authenticater

Hello everyone.

Quite new to /e/os, which I installed a couple of days ago on my son’s Fairphone .
I need Google Authenticator, and couldn’t find it in the App Lounge (could only find a version with the old grey icon, instead of the more recent multicolor one).
I found this post: [HOWTO] Download every app in the Google Play Store thanks to Aurora Store
where I read “Warning: This HowTo is deprecated: All mobile applications from G Play Store and F-Droid are now available from App Lounge, the default /e/OS installer. There is no need to install extra installers on /e/OS.”
“In case you find a specific application missing please install the latest version of App Lounge and check . If it is still missing do let us know by raising an issue on Gitlab

Not paying attention to the deprecation state, I installed Aurora, and could then install Google Authenticator, in its recent version.
So, do I raise an issue on Gitlab? Am I missing something?


The app Aegis is not doing the trick?

I also just checked and have not found the Google 2FA-App in the store. I suggest raising an issue on Gitlab. But on the other hand… I don’t suggest using googles 2FA-App at all because it misses a lot of features and is not open source. I suggest, like voorstad, using Aegis since it has encryption, backup and many more useful features. Its better in pretty much every regard.

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Thank you @voorstad and @AnonymerUser.
I installed Aegis on another and will review it. Alas, right now, it cannot import my Google Authenticator entries (I may have close to 50 of them).
I’m fully aware that Google Auth is not open source, but some features of Aegis please me, such as ordering entries, grouping them,…

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Fair enough, altough that is the one thign that bothered me a lot with google. You cannot export (at least when I used it) your keys which is not only a threat to my accounts (my phone died and I couldnt retrieve the 2FA Codes from the google app) but just not good practice. Whith Aegis I just export it in a couple of minutes once every couple of months (it even tells you when you last exported your keys).
It seems to be possble to export them but it might be a bit nerve racking. I’d suggest just trying out aegis and see if it would be something for you. Just in case: https://blog.jay2k1.com/2021/11/17/how-to-bulk-migrate-from-google-authenticator-to-aegis/

Google Authenticator enables keys export and import since at least 2021. I do it regularly and stores the backup in KeePass.
Anyway, thanks againt for your kind help, and the page you mention: I’ll read it and test.

Conclusion : exporting Google Authenticator entries as QR codes makes them importable in Aegis! Well, actually, Aegis could import some, but not all of them. Will need to analyze that.

Cool, I’ll test Aegis for a while and see if I switch to it.

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