Losing data and file sync


I just noticed that a large part of my media gallery isn’t on my phone (FP4) anymore. Luckily, it’s still on the cloud but new photos won’t get synced anymore. Looking at the timestamps on the photos that are still on my phone (earliest sept 24th) and on the cloud (latest sept 16th) I think I didn’t lose anything. At first I thought that updating from /e/1.2 to /e/1.3 caused this but it doesn’t make much sense as I updated just yesterday.

Is there a way to cleanly restore the sync link between my phone’s Pictures folder and the cloud’s? And are there other things I should check to avoid this kind of data loss in the future?

PS: It also affect my Screenshots folder

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This method has worked successfully for me before.

In fact I just did the good wifi check, I had >70% charge, plug in to charger, wait a little, reboot while still charging, wait a little, I think I started the see the folders start repopulating quite quickly, un-pluged charger, full syncing continued slowly for quite a while.

This was an enormous surprise to me, things returned from long ago … and was more or less effortless!

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I’d at least have 3 copies and sync the cloud contents to another device in your possession (using the nextcloud sync client)

I’ll try to remove and configure the /e/ account again after making a backup of what I still have, thanks for the tip.

were you able to reestablish the file sync at a later date? there are 2 other posts in this forum describing a similar behaviour: a gap in files synced and/or a non-working file sync.

I haven’t taken the time to backup the data on nextcloud and on my phone and try this out yet, I hope I can solve this in the following days though

It worked ! It’s important to follow the steps Remove account → Reboot → Plug charger → Add account though, didn’t seem to work when skipping some steps. I haven’t checked if I have a perfect sync yet, but it looks like my phone’s files were copied on murena account and the murena account’s files were copied on the phone

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