Magic Earth (carte) - insuffisant memory


Magic earth display an error : insuffisant memory and ask to close some applications (it still doesn’t work when I close other application)

What I don’t understand is that I used Iode OS before on the same phone (also based on lineage OS) and Magic Earth worked without any problem.
An idea ?

(same topic than this one (in 2020), which is closed : Magic earth - Not enough disk space error)

Hi @Yllis

I had the same issue recently. For me it was becuase my “location was faked” so the map was trying to process a route from ‘my location’ (which was in another country due to fake setting) and that made it ‘run out of memory’.

To see if you have ‘fake location’ set go to Setttings > Advanced Privacy

To turn off fake location go to Setttings > Advanced Privacy > Manage My location > Use my real location


Yep, it works with your solution.
Thanks very much !

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