Magic earth - Not enough disk space error

After downloading an offline map I got the message “not enough disk space, please free up…” Even though I have more than 30 gig internal and 64gig SD card storage left on my fairphone 3+. Now even after removing the map and resetting the app. I still keep getting the error message. Before trying to download the map, it worked OK.

Any ideas what is causing this?

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Switched to Osmand~ for now. Works great so far an at least it allows me to define my storage folder. Is there a reason this is not the standard navigation app for /e/ OS? Appears to be closer to the mindset being open source and all.

I prefer osmand too. I guess they favor magic earth because it is easy to use and quite powerful. It works well. This means little friction for average users.

osmand demands quite some storage (depending how one uses maps e.g. regional vs. entire country). This means one has to download maps first. Magic earth work out of the box.

I got a reply (some time ago but forgot to post) from Magic earth and they said I was using an obsolete version. That being said, the issue was likely related to me using and SD card as extended internal storage. It appears to be solved if I use it as an external SD (that can be read in a PC too for instance).

Not ideal and switched to OsmAnd anyway. It does however still bug me that I cannot uninstall the default apps (same with the default mail, gallery, …). Feels very restrictive.