MagmaOS the lighter (better) eOS?

Mhm, I don’t agree. Because the Apps store is full of spying apps. What, from my personal side of view, is totally against the credo of
And that’s the difference to magma. There you will find only f-doid for apps without trackers.

Yes I agree on that point and I am not sure what can be done about it, but you have misinterpreted mine. That is you are not comparing apples with apples. You are comparing a basic rom with an ecosystem. rom, storage calendar etc etc.

It’s like the guy who created an issue because he was having problems accessing his EIGHT Gmail accounts. /e/ is not for people like that

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Mhm, I don’'t agree. It was more a review than a compare.


The e-Apps Store can be completely removed (even on unrooted devices). After an OTA it will not be reinstalled. In its place I installed the F-Droid App Store as a system app.

@harvey186: Are the e-Weather App and the e-Browser still g°°gle-ig enabled?


I didn’t know that thanks for sharing. I can never get the App Store to work properly.

When I try the /e/ Apps Store, it works as it should. Recently I even found two of my banking apps. So it can be quite useful. Every user is free to use this or other Apps Stores.

These connections are used after booting your device. I can’t see any goolag connection in weather app when using it (it connects to openweather) and also with the browser I see no googlag connections.


Then the /e/ team has probably done a good job, because apps have been criticized in the past for “calling home” …

With that title it is more of a compare to be honest… :wink:

But this will clarify :slight_smile:

Are you waiting for HavocOS Q for your S5?

Yes and no. I’m very pleased with 9-pie /e/ OS ROM. But it’s exciting to see that for older devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F and even Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 and Note 3 N9005 Android 1Q will be in regular use. This shows me that newer devices are only a bit better for basic applications, usually only a bit faster.But that isn’t important for me.

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I have 2xS5 devices. Both G900I variants. My everyday device runs e pie and very nicely. My other has today’s HavocOS android 10 build. There are around 5 Q builds for S5 klte variant which perform quite nice. I still fall back to e for reliability and battery performance.

/e/ OS is my favorite mobile OS and should stay it if possible. When /e/ has migrated all devices to e-9-Pie and e-10-Q, there is hardly a reason for me to use another custom rom permanently.

But out of technical curiosity and for testing purposes I’m always trying out new builds. I will do the same with MagmaOS as soon as I have a build for it.

Reminder anno May 2019 …

The /e/OS development is accelerating! Here is our first running build with Pie! We are industrializing all this so we should be ready to move quicker on porting to the upcoming Android Q!


I’d be very happy to help test your new MagmaOS build :+1::joy:

I have a capricorn and natrium version available. If you want have, let me know

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Our @harvey186 as an advanced user can do that. I’ve yet to learn that. A recurring glance at the Telegram Magma community will also show you how it’s going.

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OK, after a while I must say, nice hobby project, but really a hobby project.
the idea was good, but the implementation leaves a lot to be desired. the code is changed here and there and then nothing works anymore. After weeks the code is still not cleaned up.

Solution: If the build is running on errors, this is not necessarily due to the own sources

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