Maintenance not setup professionally

To all who are responsible for the maintenance. DONT just inform your user over Twitter and Telegram, not everyone is using those two. We have an email so send one there several days prior to the maintenance day. This is now the second time, where the maintenance is during the week and during work hours. And its the second time now, where I have to write important email and are not able too.

If you want to compete in the future this needs to be setup professionally.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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for Information @GaelDuval, @Manoj

I’m not sure /e/ users want to receive unsollicited messages on their address, even from us. That’s what prevented us to do this.

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If there is a maintenance how do you think the others do it? They ALL inform by email if they have one but putting up notice on telegram or twitter is not convenient. You are the owner of and if there is a maintenance of the whole instance for sure you can send out these information.

Well if it happens again, I will go back with everything. I rather use my gmail account then have 2 outages in about 1 month and could not send important emails. I lost a job opportunity because of this.

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Just remember that we are still in beta, but sure we have to improve.

Sure you can improve but having on OS which is in Beta does not count for maintenance. Maintenance needs to be planed and all who are affected should be informed. With everything I meant Email and synchronization not the mobile OS. I wonder why someone flagged my last post as inappropriate. I insulted no one and did not use bad language. Just expressed my anger, thats all. I like your work with ecloud and mobile os.

The maintenance was planned and users were informed in advance. For e.g. this notification went out one week in advance on the forum. Similar updates were posted on the telegram channels as well.
Sending out individual emails to all the thousands of e email users is not a method users are going to prefer and I am sure we will not be implementing that.

pls don’t forget, no every e-user does have also an e-account, because you don’t need an e-account for installing/using eOS

@harvey186: yes and this goes visversa. Not every user uses twitter or telegram, but you have the email of every user which uses ecloud. I never said it has to be an ecloud email.

@Manoj: Forums are not a professional way to inform people as this is a community forum. How should I get notice of this, when I am seldom on the forum? If you do something like that, then assign all users to that thread so they get a notification, else we are at the start of my plead.

I am working for over 10 years in IT now and have experienced a lot of these things. So please stopp accusing me of arguing and sending me pms about that. I am trying to get you to a professional point.

I am the admin on this forum and any PM sent by a user to the moderators comes to me. You had sent a message to the admin team which came to me.

this was meant in general as a message from me got flagged. Not explicitly your message.

How about this? I’m not sure if this means to be notified by E-Mail. But look at the picture.

In the Announcements Section you can click on the bell icon and choose Watch First Post. Or whatever you want. You will get everything new, but also the maintenance times.
I assume this means you get an E-Mail send to your at registered E-Mail address with the new announcements.
Am I right?

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I have suggested this to some of the e team already. An app as disroot has (Disroot app (Disroot app is like your Swiss Army knife to the Disroot platform) - might solve this problem a bit. This app provides status updates about disroot services (
cloud, e-mail …) too. Maybe something to consider (fork) by e?

Just now I got actually an E-Mail. @Manuel, so this is a possible workaround.

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