Manual network selection not working

Hi all,
A few days ago I received my /e/ Fairphone and all is good. But I work just near a border and I would like to set the network selection to manual because I don’t want my device to catch the foreign network.
But as I try to select my network, it says that it is not possible to connect to the network now and that I have to try later. But after many tries it still doesn’t work, I am blocked in automatic network selection which is a pain in my case.

Have anyone experienced same thing? Am I missing some thing or is it a bug?

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Hi Volvox having the same problem with my new FF3!


One of you should open a New issue in our gitlab and the other should put a comment under it.


Ok, I will open an issue.

Just for information, issue opened some time ago:


Hello to all,
I open this issue again.
Because i have the same problem.
I have the Fairphone 4. and i want to select the manual network search which doesnt work.

the link from VolvoX didnt show a solution. as this issue was closed. I could not enter this Gitlab Blog, ,as my mail wasnt accepted !?

So anyone has the same problem still?
is there any solution found during the last years?

Thank you for this link!! :+1:

I was checking the Git Lab chat.
Also there this problem was closed.

I now updated to the newest e/os 1.5 - 202210

still i have the problem, that only automatic network selection is on. and its not possible to change to manual selection!

i am happy if there is more people around who could help with a solution!

best regards,


Hi! I’m sorry some people face the same problem. Unfortunately I have insufficient technical knowledge to really dig into this issue… As I remember, I tried 2-3 different workarounds, but none of them worked. So I am still blocked as you guys with this issue.

The thing I didn’t try is to upgrade /e/OS to the newest version because of the backup needed to do so. This looked from my point of view more pain than keep living with this bug.

hi there,
thanks VolvoX for coming back :wink:

well the update to 1.5 e/OS was easy, as i didnt “need” the backup that i made before. The installation kept all my data and setup !!

on the other hand i use the software “My Phone explorer” to do the back up. which is a very easy and recommenable programme!

so i hope there will be someone to find a solution!
all the best to you,