Many shutdowns With new OS 1.4-220920220047

Since last update, I have had regular uncontrolled shutdowns and reboots. This has not happened in previous versions for the last year or so. Probably have to wait for fixes?

No problem with my FP4 on V1.4, maybe an app ?

Hi @ligtvoet,
i’ve seen this error after updating two devices, FP2 and FP4.
Both have additional “shelter” installed, both had suddenly shutdowns many times.
Sometimes up to the recovery mode…

I found out that freezing “advanced privacy” in “shelter” did delete this trouble.
On both devices.
Unfreezing the sheltered “advanced privacy” does replikate the problem.
Under freezed conditions, the working profile-“advanced privacy” seems to run as wished.

Hope gettin’ a workaround for you,



I tried update from OS e-Q13 to e-R14 on my FP2 with adb-sideload. After restart, e-OS has been started with boot loop.

When you are upgrading from one android version (Android 10/Q) to a higher version (Android 11/R), you usually need to format (not just wipe) the data partition before installing the upgrade. This will remove all your user-installed apps and data, so you would need to

  • make sure you have a screen lock (pattern or PIN) ste
  • backup your data partition before doing the upgrade (using TWRP or Android Backup & Restore Tools - see this post for more details)
  • format the data partition
  • install the new ROM
  • go though first-time setup, and set the same screen lock
  • restore the backed up data

If you didn’t backup, you may be able to retrieve the situation by re-flashing the e-Q13 ROM via adb sideload (but don’t format or wipe your data before you do.)

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