Maps app has disappeared with latest FP2 update


has anyone else lost the maps app with the latest FP2 update?

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Yes, me too :frowning: . After update Magisk also corrupted.

I reinstalled Magisk and MagicEarth.

Is there somebody with a Fairphone 2 who still has the Maps app after the e-0.11-p-2020082870302-dev-FP2 update please ?

Not only Magic Earth. Also PDF Viewer, LibreOffice Viewer and Weather.

I have raised the issue, you can follow it :

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I’m also on e-0.11-p-2020082870302-dev-FP2 but Weather is still there (the other ones mentioned are gone though).

Cool, thank you. I’ve been meaning to learn how to submit bug reports.

If I reinstall MagicEarth will it affect the next OTA update? Do I have to consider which version to install or anything like that?


I personnally reinstalled it with the /e/ Apps installer. Data were still there, so I still have my Favorites and downloaded maps for instance.

I don’t really know what will happen when an update with Magic earth will arrived, maybe the user app will be replaced by the system app, maybe not.
Anyway just take screenshots of your settings and favorites if you are afraid of loosing them.

I’ve just updated to the same version. Only the maps app is gone. I still have Weather, Libre Office and PDF viewers.

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With Update to 16.xx the maps application is gone on my i9300. Where is it?
I think it was a mistake to update the system before an little sightseeing drive :wink: When i can get maps back?

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Open the Apps installer and search for Magic Earth.

Thanks. Sorry the doublepost i didn’t see that this post gone online right.

I only lost the weather-app. Magic Earth was still there after update.

Does it even start up?