Maps auto-downloads map packages after fresh OS install based on user choices in the previous device life


I was shocked to see Maps downloading map packages for certain countries after a fresh install of the eOS (formatting and sideloading). The map packages belonged to countries which we visited last year and I downloaded the packages manually at the time.

My expectation is that no personal device data and device preference is stored on the servers or with /e/OS apps – at least I did not signed up for it.

I very much believe that there was no remaining info left on the device after formatting the memories.

My only concern then is that Maps cached and retrieved the information from the servers based on my telephone number or loginname.

What could happen and was that expected?

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Just a thought: Could it be that the information was retrieved from an app data backup? Did you log in to your /e/os account when setting up the decide after reset?

Yes, I logged in to my account early after OS setup.

Is there a list of apps and backup information stored on the server? Personal backup profiles were requested long time ago, but I was not aware about any implementation.

If Maps stored their profiles, while not Mail, Settings, Apps, other apps also?

Best would be to ask Murena helpdesk, as they are not active here on the community forum. What you write worries me a bit and I’m interested in their reply. In case you receive one would you be so kind to post it back here.
Related topic but not exactly your topic: I really dislike the fact that Magic Earth has pop-ups that ask to update/re-download maps at very short time intervals. We can refuse but the pop-ups keep poping-up. This app is data-hungry. For this single reason, I haven’t used it for over a year now. I already wrote to Murena Helpdesk for that but they are stubborn to use Magic Earth. I’m generally happy with the pre-installed apps that they selected and only complain for this one.

Discussed here (including the relevant shortcomings of the alternative candidates) … And why not change the GPS application?

Ok, reported as an issue

in Magic Earth threads I often suggest to just write the publisher. If they do this sort of thing attributed to some id they will tell you. Could also be a bug. It’s not mentioned at … you didn’t have an sdcard inserted at the time? Apps carry info in the Android folder therein

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Yes, I admit I could have inserted the old SD card at the time already. I’m not sure about the timing.

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