Maps won't access data on new install

After installing eOS on a OnePlus 3t, Maps app will not access data. It knows where the device is but there is no map data, so there is no map except for the basic background world map.
Zooming in and out is possible.
I would love to get this working; can you help?
Some more data (pictures) on my post on GitLab at

eOS v0.9 202005155423
Android 7.1.2

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Hi @Jack when you tap to open Maps you should get a popup like this

or download area specific maps by clicking on the download icon ( second from left ) on the tool bar showing in the screen. Download on a free wifi if possible as the file size can be large 100 mb + at times.

Thanks for spending so much time helping, @Manoj
That doesn’t happen for me. Attached are images of my settings. Mobile data is on and Magic Earth is set to use it and it still states that it is not on. Is there an app permission somewhere that needs changed? Can’t find it

I only have the location permission granted to the app under
Settings >> App & notifications >> see all apps >> Magic Earth >> Permissions
You can check if it has this permissions if it still is not working you should raise an issue here with logs generated after opening magic earth.

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