[MEETUP] Community meetup in München

I might show that on a meeting in Munich. The only two challenges of that idea:

  1. doing it on base of a docker image is really easy if you know how to do it, so there’s not much to see
  2. the building runs at least about 3 hours even on a quite fast machine (on slower devices it can even take much longer)

Hello @ff2u,
If you show this at a meeting in Munich I’ll of course contribute to the costs and buy you :coffee::coffee::coffee: extra coffees. I would be happy to meet you personally.

@ff2u, that’s the crux of the matter.

I can read, so I can follow the tutorial of @Unknown. But having seen it live once will bring the aha effect. That Docker runs for several hours depending on the server hardware, @ Unkown has already hinted at and gave his hard recommendation. For practicing a few Euro are well invested money.

@ff2u thanks!
I am happy to provide a virtual server (such as a Hetzner cloud server) to test this. With a large enough machine it runs quite fast (I did this a couple of times in the past following the mentioned tutorial).

For me, understanding (a) what the different steps actually do and (b) where one could tweak things (such as adding/removing default apps) would be the key point of the exercise.

My final goal is to understand how devices that have only unoffical lineageos builds could be build for /e/ ( it can’t be that hard). That is out of scope for such a meeting, but understanding the whole process better will certainly help.

What’s fast in numbers? With an 8 CPU environment the whole process took nearly 2 hours for me…

What level of details are you referring?

Yes, I agree, that’s probably out of scope (although it would also be interesting for me…). I assume it can’t be done using the docker method…

What I could still show someone who’s interested (but I suppose for @Ralf it would be nothing new and - sure - it’s all written in the according posts. So the only difference would be hands on experience.):

  • create an according machine on a hoster website
  • start the build process (using docker method)
  • watch and check some logs of the build process
  • find the created firmware build
  • download and flash the build on a phone

I like the idea of users getting together to learn how to build /e/ …you can find some helpful posts on the subject here
The Docker way of building is really simple - not very flexible but if you have a device which is already supported by LineageOS then building a ROM for /e/ is easy. It looks daunting the first couple of time.
I am sure @Unknown - who has made at least a 100 docker builds for different devices , will definitely agree. Our non docker champion builders @harvey186 , @andrelam , @Chimpthepimp all have posted excellent topics on the forum which you can check out to learn more.


So what do you think about following @Manoj’s idea and begin at least a tie up between /e/ and FP on a community level? We could meet together with some Fairphoners on the Fairphone Meetup on January-27. People with other devices are also very welcome. I’d even given an /e/ presentation there some time ago.
What do you think?


Sounds great for me, lets do this!

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Yes, you are right here. I just tested a docker build on a 8 CPU server and it took about 2 1/2h with all the source syncing etc. With cache set up subsequent builds are faster I believe.

Sorry, that was a bit unclear from my side. I don’t refer to the guide, but meant understanding the build-process as a whole, including adding support for other devices + removing / adding apps.

This seems indeed out of scope for the docker-method, so I am trying with the non-docker approach as documented for lineageos. The actual use-case for now is an /e/-oreo-build for athene (Moto G4) and (for the fun of it) a lineage-pie-build. Device-Code is on github, so its just about putting it all together.

@Manoj: thanks for the links you posted, they are really helpful! I also found this post on xda helpful for my understanding.

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This is a really interesting idea - a meetup between users of different phones / OS . A great way to start good solid working partnerships between organizations.
I will share this idea with the /e/ team… will see if we can get anyone from the /e/ dev team to participate either remotely ( video conf ) or by being physically present at the venue.

It is possible to remove apps from a Docker build as well…had written about it a long time back


Hi @archie,
What about you, will you join the
common /e/ and Fairphone meetup on Monday, January 27, 6:30pm in “Eine-Welt-Haus” München?
Anyone else?
@Ralf said he’d join too.

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I would also give this a go incase I have some spare time. Is there a schedule apart from building /e/ with docker or is this meetup just about a general discussion?

At the 27th, there is also a “Lineage and Linux Install Party” hosted by Digitalcourage (which is a german NGO, focused on privacy and fundamental rights in the digital age) that actually takes place only 1.5 km away from the “Eine-Welt-Haus”.

It would be interesting to work with them and see what they think about /e/ as I’m pretty sure that they are not aware of the co-existance of /e/ next to Lineage. Would be nice to see some kind of cooperation with these guys as they have a lot of knowledge when it comes to privacy and how to introduce new users to this topic. They’ve also done a “Free Your Android” project in the past. Furthermore, they have an existing infrastructure with periodic meetups, crypto and install parties.


What do you think about this?

Servus @ff2u, servus @exyna,

I don’t use a Fairphone, but I use the censorship-free and trustworthy DNS server of Digitalcourage e.V.
DNS over TLS | Host: dns2.digitalcourage.de | Port: 853

From this point of view, it would be more interesting to get to know and exchange ideas with the people from Digitalcourage e.V., as suggested by exyna.

/e/ Building OS ROMs with and without a docker still remains highly interesting for me and I am anxious to learn it.

The “Lineage and Linux Install Party” is an interesting find. So we might consider to go there this time. It’s only once - and the Fairphone meeting is on a monthly base. I’m just not there in February (holiday season) but maybe we could still do the joint session end of March.
Just keep in mind you have to register for the Digitalcourage meeting.
What do you mean, @Ralf, @exyna, @archie?

I’d say this is a good option to go. I have by now (I think) almost completely understood how to build supportet + non-supported devices with docker, so we can talk about this at the event. @ff2u also knows a lot about this from what I read. I also happen to be a long time linux user, so it’s interesting all the way.
Edit: I emailed them to ask if it is ok for us to join this event, will keep you updated.

The digitalcourage event is really rather meant for helping people to install LOS / Linux, so we should not highjack it. There is an upcoming open meeting that is probably better suited, I also still think linking up is interesting as we share a lot of ideas. So lets postpone this for now.

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Are they referring to their meeting in march or is there another date? Would be nice to know. I’d also still like to work with them together.

Yes, next open meeting in Stragula is on 9th of March (https://digitalcourage.de/treffen-vor-ort/muenchen).

Has anyone attended yesterday’s Fairphone meetup?

Is somebody going to attend the digital courage meeting on monday?