[MEETUP] Community meetup in München

Let’s get this started!

I intend to organize a meetup in München, if there are some people who want to participate.
Please reply or send a PM to me if you are interested.
We can determine date and time later.

Current number of interested participants: 5


:grinning: this is a good start,All the best


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Just a small update in case you want to speak or ask questions about /e/ to Gaël please let us know in advance. We can organize a video web conference based on his availability and the time of your meetup.

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Hallo Markus,
ich bin aus dem Raum München und wäre an einem Community Treffen interessiert. Gibt es bereits regelmäßige Treffen?

Hallo zusammen, ich bin auch in München, lasst uns mal versuchen ein Treffen auf die Beine zu stellen. Viele Grüße Ralf

Ich wäre für ein Treffen im Raum München auch zu haben :slight_smile:

I’ve never been to a meetup. What’s the schedule like, something like that?
How does Meetup work, like this: Wie funktioniert Meetup?

Been to some, but never organised one. It can be anything really, from a formal presentation + discussion panel to just some socialising. It anyway should have a focused topic.

Maybe we can start to collect our interests here, to find what inspires the most of us. Out of my head I can think of 3 main areas:

  1. digital privacy: sharing setup + usage experience for a privacy oriented (but still usable) phone / pc / gadget xyz (think: ereader, smartwatch) system
  2. technical: building /e/ for yet unsupported devices
  3. spread the idea: what is missing to give an /e/ phone to your mom or dad

For me a hackaton-type of meeting where we try to build /e/ for a new device would probably the biggest draw. Might be too much for such a meeting however, what do you think?

Do you mean live building unofficial /e/ OS ROM with docker á la Unkn@wn? That would interest me very much.

Yes, this is what I mean. I guess the learning curve is simply much better when this is attempted together.

I agree. The theory seems simple (for those who already have the necessary background knowledge), but to succeed it needs more. Especially when you’re at the beginning of your “arts”.

Alright, that makes us 2 already for this kind of happening. Let’s see what others think.

Wer hat noch Lust auf ein /e/ Treffen in München?

I might show that on a meeting in Munich. The only two challenges of that idea:

  1. doing it on base of a docker image is really easy if you know how to do it, so there’s not much to see
  2. the building runs at least about 3 hours even on a quite fast machine (on slower devices it can even take much longer)

Hello @ff2u,
If you show this at a meeting in Munich I’ll of course contribute to the costs and buy you :coffee::coffee::coffee: extra coffees. I would be happy to meet you personally.

@ff2u, that’s the crux of the matter.

I can read, so I can follow the tutorial of @Unknown. But having seen it live once will bring the aha effect. That Docker runs for several hours depending on the server hardware, @ Unkown has already hinted at and gave his hard recommendation. For practicing a few Euro are well invested money.

@ff2u thanks!
I am happy to provide a virtual server (such as a Hetzner cloud server) to test this. With a large enough machine it runs quite fast (I did this a couple of times in the past following the mentioned tutorial).

For me, understanding (a) what the different steps actually do and (b) where one could tweak things (such as adding/removing default apps) would be the key point of the exercise.

My final goal is to understand how devices that have only unoffical lineageos builds could be build for /e/ ( it can’t be that hard). That is out of scope for such a meeting, but understanding the whole process better will certainly help.

What’s fast in numbers? With an 8 CPU environment the whole process took nearly 2 hours for me…

What level of details are you referring?

Yes, I agree, that’s probably out of scope (although it would also be interesting for me…). I assume it can’t be done using the docker method…

What I could still show someone who’s interested (but I suppose for @Ralf it would be nothing new and - sure - it’s all written in the according posts. So the only difference would be hands on experience.):

  • create an according machine on a hoster website
  • start the build process (using docker method)
  • watch and check some logs of the build process
  • find the created firmware build
  • download and flash the build on a phone

I like the idea of users getting together to learn how to build /e/ …you can find some helpful posts on the subject here
The Docker way of building is really simple - not very flexible but if you have a device which is already supported by LineageOS then building a ROM for /e/ is easy. It looks daunting the first couple of time.
I am sure @Unknown - who has made at least a 100 docker builds for different devices , will definitely agree. Our non docker champion builders @harvey186 , @andrelam , @Chimpthepimp all have posted excellent topics on the forum which you can check out to learn more.


So what do you think about following @Manoj’s idea and begin at least a tie up between /e/ and FP on a community level? We could meet together with some Fairphoners on the Fairphone Meetup on January-27. People with other devices are also very welcome. I’d even given an /e/ presentation there some time ago.
What do you think?


Sounds great for me, lets do this!

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