Message that warns about deleting messages

I clicked on ‘Remove account’ and this pops up: it says ‘delete all of its messages’. Do they mean email messages? I hope no sms messages? What other kind of messages can it be?

Also, does the below ‘Delete account’ have exactly the same result as the above?

I am very new here and so take all with a grain of salt. but I have read some pile of text today and here are some start-links that gave me some impression.

Customize eDrive synchronization settings speaks of Application settings toggle will affect synchronization for device settings. Maybe you can see which apps get synced and your question is about THOSE apps only?

[HOWTO] Sync your contacts, calendar events, email, notes and tasks speaks about diverse apps that are being synced after activating that. Maybe you can find each “messenger message” app somewhere there? Mail seems to be treated separatedly.'form messenges (where is all this TelegramSignalWattsappThreema vs SMS already is a rabbit hole on its own)

For everybody reading my post: I also would be very thankful for a deep dive into the internals and in depth documentation of the syncing and magic integration. I would prefer to KNOW what is under the hood before I open my private date to someone else’s “cloud” computer.

Bear with me: new here! :pleading_face:

I remember that Gael Duval wrote in his latest Murena Roadmap that the improvement of ecloud (that’s how they name the synching function built-in in /e/OS) was a priority, to be expected this year.
In the meantime, lets see if people from the community can help with my question.

I’m asking Helpdesk. I’ll keep you updated

Helpdesk answered me: yes there’s two ways to do it and it removes the account in exactly the same way
(don’t ask me why there needs to be two ways of doing it, but anyways)
Regarding the warning about messages deletion: removing your Murena account does not delete your SMS messages.

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