microG error: 6


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Problem : my wife want to buy the full version of a non-FDroid app. I flashed for here lineage-14.1-microG-surnia (’ cause of Bliss) and added Aurora from F-Droid but I have exactly the same problem with my /e/-nougat (unofficial for Moto E 2015 Surnia) with /e/store.

All the microG settings are OK, I added the paycard (Visa) in PlayStore account, with gg-account login…
While touching “Buy” in the app menu, a pop-up answers something like:
“Problem accessing the payment service […] error code: 6

I found here (2.3) that Yalp (and so Aurora ?) needs:
“A Google account that has previously been authenticated with Google Play […] to be able to use the app”.

She never buy any app nor any gg-“service” with her Visa-paycard before.

Thanks a lot.
PS : newcomers with a first smartphone, r/e/furbished, may have the same issue…

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No more advice ? Nobody ?

Most paid apps require a full Google Play store environment which is not possible on /e/ or Custom ROM’s that use MicroG. You can try contacting the developers of the app and share the details of the issue. Some may offer alternate solutions which could let the apps work.


Thanks. So I don’t need microG…

/e/ has microG. What is the requirement for your app to work is what we need to figure out.