Microsoft Outlook Contact/Calendar Synchronisation

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my dad bought an Fairphone /e/ 3+ and now i’m his support. He is using Microsoft Outlook for Contact, Calendar and eMails. So i installed the app and gave the permission to synchronize calender and contacts but nothing happens. Does anybody knows how it is possible to sync (online) microsoft Outlook and at least the normal phonebook?

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Have your dad try BlueMail instead of Outlook.

Not quite sync, but the old school way to transfer contacts will work.

On your other device, contacts > settings, look for Export > export as .vcf.

Now you can get this file.vcf to your /e/ device perhaps by copying it to SD card or by transferring it to your ecloud.

It is now just a case of importing it into your “new” contacts. This will not overwrite any contents, you can keep importing contacts over time.

Does he store his contacts and calendar with Outlook locally on the device or on an MS-Exchange server?

Also the discussion in this thread might help you: How to connect /e/ to Exchange365 server?


Hey Guys, thanks for your answer. My Dad managed to sync the PhoneBook via OutlookApp. It seems that i have overseen some option in the Microsoft Outlook which allows other applications to connect to Outlook. So the first point is working. At the moment he is struggling with connecting the Calendar app, but i think i will try some solutions from the Thread Markus postet yesterday (Thx for the link). At first i try the solution with icsx^5. i will Update the Thread after that.

So i gave this solution a try, but it doesn’t worked for me. So i want to try another solution. I want to use MS Outlook for Contacts, Mails and as calendar. Does anybody know why MS Outlook is not able to send notifications? I checked the preferences for the notifications (Notification is on) but Outlook or /e/ isn’t able to display any Calendar or Mail Notification.